Tuesday, May 17, 2005


So, when i was in Gull Lake visiting my grandparents, we hit a garage sale. It was awesome. I got a christmas CD for a dollar! :) I also got this really huge cookbook with all these stupendous recipes inside. I LOVE my cookbook. I decided that this week i will only eat recipes out of this cook book. So, comming up for the week, i have:

Melon and Grapefruit Salad
Corn Chowder with Pasta Shells
Chunky Apple Bake
Fruit Ham and French Bread Pizza
Tandoori Chicken Skewers
Raspberry Muffins
Turkey and Pasta Bake
Poppy Seed Rolls
Mediteranian Fish fillets
Mango and Lime Sherbert in Lime Shells
Bamboo Shoot Salad

Isn't this amazing? I can't WAIT to get started!!!!!

Ryan, your roast was amazing. I am next for the meal making. Which one do you want? ( It will be my first time making all these recipes. If you want to wait till i've tried them once, that's fine and i'll make the good ones again).

I'll let you guys know as i go along how the recipes turn out. If i find a really good one, or if there's one you want just ask and i'll scan and post the recipe.

Here's a pic of my AMAZING cookbook. This should show up in another post.... Lets see how it works... I wish i knew how to integrate a picture into my blog post. Andre, any help here? Anyone? I did it using a program called Hello! which allows me to post pictures from my hard drive directly to the blog. But i wish i knew how to integrate it into a post.

Anyways. I've had a totally awesome weekend. Went out and partied with Michelle and friends at New Yorks, and that was a good time. Much dancing to be had :) Also went out for ice cream with Fletcher Matt and Michelle. Man, it's hard to find ice cream as good as dairy queen. I LOVE those ice cream sandwiches!


Anonymous said...

stupendous .. haha :p nice
Hmm... the recipes don't quite sound like my kind of food, but the babmboo shoot salad sounds good, send me the recipe if it turns out good.

I miss dairy queen :'(. Ice cream really just isn't the same over here, some people say it is better, but I disagree. The vanilla is too vanillai haha, stupid bourbon vanilla.


Dale said...

Lisa, i should, like, ban you from ever reading my blog again or something terrible. German ice cream is the best ice cream i've had in my life. Too much vanilla... there's no such think as too vanilla-y vanilla ice cream. I LOVE german ice cream, and i would betray dairy queen for it anyday. lol

but thank you for commenting lol