Thursday, May 26, 2005

Graduation Day

Wow. I looked at the calender, and i realized that it is only 9 days till my graduation ceremony! Unbelievable. Ceremonies comming up, my grad pictures are on their way, my teacher certification is in if only i could find a job everything would fall perfectly into place, just like it should. Still....I am only one interview away from getting a job with regina public. That is good. It is still to early to know, since they told me it won't be till round mid june that i'd hear from them. I really hope i get a job with regina public. I hear it's not easy.

So, i finally picked up my last paychecks from the daycare. It was a good feeling. Not only to get lots and lots of money, but also to see the people. The moment i walked in the door, kids and the workers were smiling at me. When the big boss came, she practically begged me to work that day (but i couldn't since i had work at unique in about an hour). She wanted to know how soon i could come back to the daycare. Man, things at the daycare are really good. Sure, there's the extreme lack of organization and the pay is crap, but there i am really appreciated. I miss working there. Then again, i'm totally loving being back at unique too. People are happy to see me there too, and they keep telling me i work like a machine through the greenhouse and that the greenhouse always looks better after days that i work. It's a warm fuzzy feeling for me to look back at a long row of nice, neat plants. Does this make me a nerd? hahahaha Whatever. I don't care if it does. It's a good feeling anyways.

I decided that i would love to go back to the daycare this summer. Maybe when the hours slow down? I'll let Charmaine decide this for me, by the number of hours she gives me. I make, like, $3 per hour more at Unique than at the daycare. I'm sorry, but it's all about the money. The daycare would be more relevant and fullfilling, but Unique gives me all the hours i can handle, and lots and lots of money. That's important... Still, I'm kinda hoping hours slow down about mid july so that i can work both unique and the daycare. Man, the money would be really coming in if i had 2 jobs. I think i could handle it, if it was only for the summer...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dale,
I've been trying to get in touch with you by your regular e-mail address. Do you not use it anymore? I was wanting to be in touch as Debbie and I have a few questions to ask about grad. E-mail me please and let me know when is the best time that I could phone you.

Love Grandma