Sunday, June 26, 2005

Angel :)

So, for my birthday Ray got me Angel season 5 :). I now own hte final season of angel. This is soooo awesome. I think it was the best present ever. We then proceded to sit down and watch an entire disk's worth of episodes (about 4 hours). I would have kept going, but it was about 3 am lol. I swear, the only thing that is keeping me from sitting and having an angel marathon right now, regardless of the time, is that i am watching them together with ray. I can't wait to see the next episode :).

And by the way, i now have my birthday plans. For my birthday, we are all getting together and ..... singing karaeoke at the pump! :) ! :) I swear, the pump is my favorite bar in regina. and i've never sang kareoke... it'll be great. Anyone reading this blog is free to come. Give me a call, we'll work out times. We're going on saturday, the 2nd. I can't wait... :) It'll be great.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Oh, the anticipation!

I can't wait till tonight. I swear, i am just so excited.

Have you ever noticed that anticipation just makes something all the better? I have a date with ray tonight, and he just called me to tell me i get my birthday present early. Tonight. I swear, he kept talking about how i'm going to love it, and how great it is. He's never played any of them up like this before, even the diamond necklace he gave me for valentines day (which i ADORE). I have absolutely no clue what the hell it could be. I couldn't even guess.

Wow, few things are as great as a suprise.I can't wait till tonight. I love big suprises :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Have you ever seen a shoe, and just needed it? I'm sorry, and i know this sounds really stupid, but i really want to eventually get a shoe like this one, especially in black... I swear, if we had a banana republic, i'd be going there right now lol.

Click for shoe

I want to try the whole pedicure process one time, as listed here . Michelle, Marie, Crystal, Laura....any of my chickies intersted? I'm sure it will turn out better than the avacado hair experience lol.

Look how high-tec i am :)

Oooo... look at me :). If all worked well, i've installed a hit counter on my blog :). I hope it worked. I like knowing how many people are reading this.... What if it was actually thousands of hits every day? Man, that'd be creepy. Poor them, bored by me every day haha. I'm doing this because i know people are reading it, but no one is commenting. boo to that. I still want you to comment, but at least i'll know if anyone was here through the counter.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Pimp Dale's Ride

Man, my car has all of the sudden clammored for more attention. All of this has happened in the span of 2 days.

1. My reflector of my car door fell off. I'll have to crazy glue it back on.

2. My check engine soon light came on.

3. Ryan and i checked the oil level, and topped up the oil.

4. Went and got an oil change, and discovered i need 2 new air filters (one for cabin, other for engine). Also replaced windshield wiper. As well, i discovered my two rear ligths illuminating my licence plate have burned out.

5,. Got a check because of the check engine light. Got the code for what was wrong, but they weren't able to fix it because they specialized in transmissions and mine is about the exhaust system.

6. Went to CAA, and on the way there the check engine light went out. CAA interpreted the most likely meaning of the code, and it is that there is a possible valve problem with my exhaust, which would cost about 200$. As well, they told me that sensors sometimes go off on their own, and that don't worry about it unless the light goes back on a second time.

Man, i have to get a whole shitload of stuff done. I think i will go pick up the air filters and light bulbs at a auto parts store (canadian tire, wal-mart etc.) and call ray up to have a 'pimp dale's ride day' where we glue on my reflector again and change the filters (thank you grandpa paul for showing me how earlier :) )

Friday, June 17, 2005

The Crazy Camping Adventures of Dale and Michelle :)

So, it's tuesday. Michelle and i are sitting around ray's place, and i turn to her and say "Lets go camping." From that spawned a crazyfun camping experience between michelle and i. My god, we'll have lots of stories to tell. This here is just a general synopsis of the trip.

So, it's wednesday night, at 11 pm. I work the next day right at 9 am, so i know i won't be seeing michelle until we leave to go camping the next day. I realized we still had no tent, no cooler, no ax for chopping wood and no directions as to how to go there.... we had next to nothing. And it was 11 pm, too late to call most of our friends who worked early the next day. Luckily for us, Ray saved the day and got us a cooler, ax and tent :) He borrowed the tent and ax from his dad, and the cooler from the schieblers, and explained to me how to get to Rowan's Ravine. WOOT FOR RAY AND HIS DAD!!!! YAY! Wow. Thank you ray for making up for our extreeme lack of planning :)

So, it's time to go camping. Michelle is now packed, we have all our stuff in the car, the food is in the car, we are ready to go. We head out of town..... on the highway number 6. Yes, i said highway 6 and i meant it. Anyone who actually knows how to get to Rowan's ravine will be shaking their head at me now lol. But that comes later.

We stopped on a spur of the moment idea to drop by on chris and derick, the people who bought the farm where i used to live. Any family member of mine will be happy to know that i visited the cats, and that Chunky, Mary and Zipper are there and happy. Zipper is starting to get a little slower and less healthy, but they think it's old age. Mary (the actual oldest of the cats) is happy and is still hunting so she is obviously feeling fine. The gardens have been mostly fenced in with the horse pasture, and set seed with hay. Chris has used the garden space to really expand her horse running area. She built a very nice dirt arena taking up half of the old pasture.

Anyways, on our way to camping again. It was now about 9:30 pm when we left the farm, and it was already starting to get dark. However, we kept on going on the highway.... the number 6 highway. Ray had told us to keep going on the highway untill we hit Craven. So we kept going, waiting to see any town at all. We had lots of gas, so i was unconcerned. However, i now realize we were on the WRONG HIGHWAY. We needed the number 11 but we were on the number 6. We kept going for about an hour, and i became concerned when we still didn't hit Lumsden. Stil... we decided to keep going untill we passed a town. About an hour and a bit later, we found Southey. Southey? We weren't supposed to pass Southey....and where's Lumsden. The stupid gas station at southey was closed, so we couldn't even ask directions. I swear, it wasn't even fully dark at 10 pm at night, but southey was as empty as a ghost town. NOTHING was open. I swear, they must roll up the sidewalks at night. I'm SO glad i don't live in Southey... it sure looked boring.

Luckily we found a sign that told pointed us in a different direction to get to the town of Earl Grey. By a stroke of luck, i had been telling Shelly at work earlier about my camping plans, and she told me how she lived in Earl Grey which was very very close to the campground. YAY! So, we took this crappy crappy highway to Earl Grey. I swear, they'd have a warning sign, and then it would suddenly alternate from highway to dirt road, and then back again. It was SO crappy. It was the worst highway i've seen in my whole life.

However, we did manage to find our way to rowan's ravine from earl grey. When we finally got there, it was around 11 pm. The booth where you pay was empty, and it told us to go self-register. After a bit of random driving around, not finding non-electrical camp sites or anywhere to register for a campsite, the campground host family found and took pity on us lol. she showed us where to register, where to find the campsites and where to find the woodpile. After much searching, we managed to do all three things. We had wood, a camp site and we had registered :).

We were STARVING, so we decided to make some food. We had declared this a Hot Dog Only camping trip.... the only food we had to eat the entire trip was hot dogs. Luckily, we both LOVE hot dogs. Michelle went to set up the tent, and i decided to make a fire. Man, what a failure we both were hahaha. My fire went out as soon as the newspaper was no longer lit, and her tent setting up was not going well. ALONE, we were hilarious failures. TOGETHER, we were a competent, well-oilled tent and fire building machine! Welll.... maybe not amazing. We didn't put up the fly on the tent and one corner was off the ground and the pegs weren't in,...but it worked fine for what we needed for. The fire went out before our hot dogs were fully done, but they were half done, and we were so hungry it didn't matter.

Off to bed, where it rained on us and we froze. We had only 2 tiny fleece blankets and a single pillow between the two of us, so that really sucked. It rained while we were asleep, making such troubles as wet socks :( Wet socks are one of the worst things ever.

After laying and sitting to about 15 different types of birds at 4 am, and what i thought was a moose but was really a combination of the lawn mower and a cow, we finally got some sleep.

Mmmmm.... I swear, warm air never felt as good as it did the next morning. It was shaping up to be a PERFECT day. No clouds, and already fairly warm with a refreshing breeze at 9 am. After making an AWESOMELY SUCCESSFUL fire (with only newspaper not lighter fluid i might add) and eating more hot dogs, we went for a fabulous hike. 2 hours later, back for more hot dogs. Then came the SUNTANNING.

Suntanning with michelle is an awesome awesome thing. Some people just don't understand the value of a good lay in the sun (yes, fletcher, i mean you lol). Others are good (this is you matt) but it just isn't the same.... When michelle and i go sunbathing, it's an awesome thing. Just lay out the blankets in the sun, soak it up, and gossip. I LOVE it lol. We go on and on and on for hours. Today, we both fell asleep, and wound up sunbathing for 4 HOURS! Man, it was great.

Back for more hot dogs. We decided then to go home, instead of paying a lot of money to stay another night just to freeze and then leave early in the morning. We ate our last hot dogs of the trip, and then went home. The correct way. Taking highway number 11.

So, that was my awesome camping trip with michelle. Fletcher and i plan lots of things, but we rarely do them. Then again, fletcher and i plan some pretty amazing, out of reach things lol. Michelle and i plan to work out and actually do some things this summer.

Next thing to plan.... A stargazing night with a midnight picnic. We will leave the city, park on some old abandoned grid road (maybe one near my old farm?), and look at the stars. Unlike the camping we will bring LOTS of blankets in order to keep warm. We'll go on some night where something is happening with the sky. We'll watch it till we get bored, then eat our midnight picnic. Then home to bed. I'm thinking that we will have to definately take a nap earlier this day since the sun goes down so late in the summer, and it will be late before the stars really get started, but it's too cold to do this in the winter.

Anyways, speaking of bed, i'm off to bed. All this camping totally wore me out. All who are interested in our star night please comment. Dad, if you know of any big star events comming, a quick e-mail would be great :) Or, if anyone knows a good website to find out when meteor showers are happing? That would be great too.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hey, look how smart i am! Hell yeah! I'm in the genius category!

Thanks for the link ryan. This was fun.

Your IQ Is 125

Your Logical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your General Knowledge is Exceptional

Friday, June 10, 2005

There is definately such a thing as too much flavor!

Well, i made 2 recipes today. Bamboo shoot salad, and mango stuffed frozen lime deserts. The desert turned out okay, not too bad at all, but the salad turned out utterly disgusting.

The sad part is that it isn't the recipe's fault. The recipe told me to put 2 tablespoons of fish sauce. I don't actually own measuring things, so i just gave it a liberal dumping, because the fish sauce smelled good. Then, after mixing everything, i decided there wasn't enough sauce on the salad, it was too dry. So i gave it another liberal dumping of fish sauce. The end result looked glistening and fabulous, the rice was perfectly roasted and crushed, the seaseme seeds pretty... it looked great. Crystal and i gazed at it hungrily, then took our first bite.

OMG! Crystal and i must have had identical squinched up faces. The salad tasted like pure fish sauce! It was soooo gross. We tried adding sugar, but that didn't help. I tried adding chili peppers, but i added so much it was painful to eat, therefor making the problem worse. Hahaha. No one can make a crappy recipe like me! Man, it was terrible.

The lime deserts looked gorgeous again. This is an easy recipe, that had the potential to be fabulous. Unfortunately, most of my mango had gone bad. Instead of having an entire, large mango, it had about a 10th of a mango. So, it could have been much better, but the lime was still good. I think it was a little too intensly sour for crystal, but i happily gobbled mine up. :) That's one recipe i will definately have to try again, with a non-rotten mango.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Results to nerdy star wars quiz

Thanks for the quiz link andre (i stole it from your blog).

Purple Saber
You have a Purple Lightsaber.

Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity,
independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.
Purple denotes high spirituality and religious
aspiration. Purple also represents Peacefulness
and Purification. It also has a sense of
intuitive understanding and a feeling of
intimacy with the world.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Isn't that a cute pic? The one of ray and i outside alfredo's...adorable. I love that picture. Just thought i'd share it with all of you.

Ray and i together outside Alfredo's....awwww.... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Reply to tag for ryan's meme: books

Books have always been a thing near and dear to my heart. I swear, there was a time where i would read pretty much any book you threw in my general direction. Now i have somewhat narrowed down my tastes.... but still love books. However, i am not a great buyer of books, i am more of a borrower. Borrow from library mostly, but also often borrowing off friends. For me, books are usually free. This is an essential part of the experience for me. I just don't buy books. Unless it's at a garage sale or something. Those are great. Mmmm.... 25 cent books.... Yay!

So. On to the meme.... (And by the way, for those of you who don't know, a meme is kind of like a survey type thing your friends send you that you write about on your blog. It's like a chain letter survey, but SO much better as it doesn't clutter up your inbox and they are much more interesting).

How many books do you own?

Well....that depends. Do you mean books for me or books in general? I have been collecting childrens' books over the years for my soon to be very own classroom library. I probably have around 50 by now. But i don't exactly sit around actually reading these lol. I am choosing to interpret the question as how many do i have that i actually read.

As i said earlier, i don't exactly buy books often. Especially not for myself. The ones i do have are either gifts or garage sale items. I just did a quick count, and the total comes to 8. I only own 8 books. Yay for libraries and generous friends! lol

What is the last book that you bought?

Well, looking at my collection, i realize that i only ever bought 4 books from a store. And it was a used bookstore lol. But still.... The last books i bought i bought at the same time, and it was about 10 years ago lol. I bought the four book series of The Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith.

If you mean what is the last book i borrowed, it was actually a cookbook, called Dip it! by Rick Rodgers. It is a cookbook filled only with dips. The jambalaya dip sounds interesting...

If you mean the last book i read ( i know it's different, but it's still intresting), i finished Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett about an hour ago.

What 5 books have most impacted your life?

Well.... That's a really hard question.

#1) Secret Vampire, by L. J. Smith. Hell.... any book by L. J. Smith. Secret Vampire was simply the first book i read. These are books written for pre-teen girls. I first was introduced to Smith's writing by my good friend Crystal, at around the age of 10. Afterwhich we both became completely obsessed. We had stacks upon stacks of inside jokes revolving around these characters. It was these books that first solidified my longtime friendship with Crystal. I don't care how old i become, they will always have a special place in my heart.

#2) I would say that the next series of books that most impacted my life was Chronicles of Narnia. I first read these books in around grade 5 i think. Over time, i probalby read these books over 10 times each. These are truely amazing books. It was these books that first turned me on to fantasy books. Before them i simply enjoyed reading. After them i became obsessed.

#3) The Dark Highlander, by Karen Monin. This books is a ...*get ready for it*..... Science Fiction Romance book! Karen Monin writes a series of books mostly about time traveling Highland warriors who have sex and seduce women alot. Some of the others are about the sexual fairies, berserkers and immortal highlanders. These books are my guilty pleasure. I absolutely adore them. I can't say they've exactly impacted my life, but they have introduced me to the fact that romance novels don't have to suck and be boring. I, who never buy books, would buy these books if i ever found them. Easier said than done...

Anyways.... I'm done writing here. I can't think of any other books. books don't impact my life, they're just there for enjoyment. I'll just say that each series counted for one and 2/3. lol. those math skills go :).

Tag new people

So... who to tag? Fletcher, i choose you. Andre, you too. And Crystal (if you want, you can just do a really long comment in my blog crystal lol). If you feel like it, just leave a comment that you did it and answer the meme in your blog. This is totally no pressure. I am curious about what you'd choose, but if you don't want to, so be it. It isn't a big deal at all. Answer the questions in bold. Make new questions. Ignore questions. Whatever you want.

If anyone else wants to leave a comment as a meme too, feel free. I challenge you to do it....

Hot Dogs!!!!

I spent today in hot dog heaven. I really love hot dogs. Especially with mustard and onions. Not boiled hot dogs, but bbq's, grilled or especially cooked over a fire. Mmmm.....

We went to the beach today. It was a totally awesome time. A little cloudy, but on the whole not too bad. We went to Butler's (the necessary place to go for fish and chips). I did not have fish and chips, as i had been craving a hot dog all day. But one hot dog didn't satisfy. We then went to marie's, where i bbq'd 3 more for michelle and i. Mmmm.... I ate 3 hot dogs today. And it was good. :)

Soon.... one day.... it will not rain on a thursday (they are already forcasting rain for this thursday). And michelle and i will go to the beach, make a fire and roast hot dogs. And smores. And marshmellows. And it will be good too.

Friday, June 03, 2005

New stuff!

As you can see from the pictures, i went out and bought a whole bunch of new stuff today :). I got a nice new red hat, a beautiful new flowing flowery dress, a new pair of glasses and a new pair of glasses with clip on sunglasses. Wow. It's an amazing thing.

I tried to get a new bathing suit too, but the one that i really liked didn't fit right and it was just about half an inch too small on the top :(. Why do they make it so hard to find a good bathing suit? I swear, it takes forever :p.

Wow. So now Ryan, Andre, myself, Dave all have blogs. This is good. Thank you to everyone who has so far commented on mine. Now come on you others....Dave i know you're reading this.... Fletcher? Laura? Michelle? Any family member beside Lisa??? Come on people. Even if you just say a one word 'hi'.

new hat, both pairs of new glasses and new dress Posted by Hello

new hat and new glasses with clipons Posted by Hello

closeup of dress material Posted by Hello

new dress Posted by Hello

new glasses Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mongoli Grill

Man, that was an awesome time sunbathing on monday! The weather was just perfect. Michelle, Matt and I just lay there in the sun... I only wish i was able to find my Ikea mat! I bought it special for suntanning, and now i can't find it! It's a big huge thing... I don't understand where it could possibly have gone. Then again, this is from the girl that lost her trombone in her bedroom. It's a very small bedroom....i don't know how i possibly managed to lose my trombone. lol Oh well. I'm sure my mat will turn up. It's not like it could have gone far.

So, i went out for supper to the Mongoli Grill tonight. Man, that was an experience! Instead of having a list of food in their menu, they had instructions. Step one., choose your soup. Step two, order your drink. Step 3, take the bowl and choose the raw food (meat, seafood, veggies etc.) Step 4, weigh your bowl. It cost about 3$ for every hundred grams of food in the bowl, didn't matter what it was. I jam packed my bowl with seafood. Lots and lots of prawns, scallops and especially squid. I also tried some shitake mushrooms, but they turned out to be really really gross (I gave them all to Fletcher lol). Then they fry it all up, stir fry style. They bring you wraps that look like rice paper, and lots of rice. You make your stirfry into wraps. Or, if you're Laura, you ignore the wraps and just have stirfry on rice. It turned out so amazingly good. A little pricy, but it's nice to eat somewhere really good every once in a while.

Speaking of eating good, i can't wait till saturday. MOSAIC! I will not be eating much, but i do plan on spending all saturday that isn't with grandparents, at Mosaic. I can't wait! I am just so excited. There's a new pavillion! A Chile pavillion! WOW! I can't wait. I absolutely must go to the french, greek, german, indian and scottish pavillion. The scottish pavillion is always a great party later at night... i hope they have a good celtic rock band :) Those are my favorite kinds of bands. I don't know what it is about celtic style music.... I just really like it. Dave Gunning, Great big Sea, Spirit of the West.... they just really get me. I love it. I just can't hardly wait to go....

There's just so much excitement comming up! Tommorow, Michelle and i are going shopping. Friday is convocation. Saturday Mosaic.... Wow. So much fun fun fun. I can't believe i don't work till sunday. Here's hoping i have an awesome 3 days off!