Saturday, May 14, 2005

Happy birthday Michelle!

This is a happy birthday post to my friend Michelle. Yes, i know her birthday isn't till tommorow, but i wanted to make sure i made it. YAY Michelle! For anyone who feels like showing up, if they get this in time, come to New Yorks around 10:30 pm. Kim, Lisa.....this means you lol.

I had an eye appointment yesterday, and i found out that my one eye got BETTER! Who'd have thought? I didn't know eyes can get better. Matt told me that his sister once had glasses, and then suddenly didn't need them anymore. Crazy, eh? That will never happen to me, since my one eye is so screwed up lol. But still....less extreme thickness of lenses is good. By the way, anyone know the average price of new frames? I dunno. I found ones i really liked for $180, but they want 100$ extra for clip on sunglasses. That seems a little extreme...

Anyways. Kudos to Kim and Ryan for commenting. :) Come on can do better than this...

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Ryan said...

I used to have glasses too. If you ever see my grade 1 picture, in which I'm wearing a huge McDonald's shirt and THICK RIMMED brown glasses, I will be forced to erase the memory through hypnosis. And that costs a lot. So really...don't go looking for it.

I agree, people! COMMENT!

And happy birthday Michelle.