Tuesday, May 24, 2005

May Long Weekend

Unfortunately, this will not be a story of some crazy, fun, cool adventure i had on may long weekend, where we packed way too many people in a car and just started driving in a random direction. (Man, we should do that sometime...) I spent may long weekend.... at work. Boo to that hahaha. Such is the life of a greenhouse worker. May long is the busiest weekend of the year for a garden center. Still....it really wasn't so bad. Fun was had after work. Played some cards, partied briefly at Jason's, finaly saw Kingdom of Heaven (awesome movie about the crusades, with hot manly Orlando Bloom), went on a couple of walks, tried judge apple pie but it rained.... it was a fun weekend anyways.

So, the apple pie contest that i did not go to was the official kickoff to the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. I went last year with fletcher and had an awesome time. I think i will go to events again this year. Now i just have to find myself a schedule.... Oh, here it is (click on the here). Oh, the wonders of the internet :) Wow. At 8:30 pm on thursday I can go and see traditional Fada Fire Dancers! How cool is that :) Who wants to come? Come on, kim, you know you've always BURNED to see a traditional Fada dance (haha...good pun self....). And then of coarse there's the usual street fair they have every year on the saturday. I've been going to that every year for a while, but this time i think i'll see the fire dance too. Last year had belly dancing that i saw with Fletcher, and that was awesome. It had the General Fools improv as well. That was the only time i've ever seen them, but they truely blew me away with how amazing they are. I don't think they're coming this year :( Too bad.

Anyways, it's Angel time. Man, i love that TV show. I'm watching the 4th season DVD (thank you again Ryan for lending it).


Ryan said...

Orlando's manly?

Did I miss something?

Like...a time-rift involving eons of steroid abuse?

Dale said...

Yes, I am serious. Facial hair has done amazing things for the man. He is a manly, soldier/blacksmith in the movie, and plays the role suprisingly well. You'd be supprising how manly he really can be. I know i was sure suprised.