Monday, May 30, 2005


This is an information message for all who are interested to comming to my convocation. It is at the Center of the Arts, at 2 pm. You don't need a ticket.

Now, lets cross our fingers and hope fun sunny weather tommorow so michelle and i can go sunbathing.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

This is the recipe with the fire that i want to try someday... When i don't have roomates who might get pissed if i set off the smoke detector. lol Posted by Hello

Friday, May 27, 2005

White Noise

Here is a warning to all. DO NOT SEE THE MOVIE WHITE NOISE. It was supposed to be all cool and scary, and it was just borring and stupid. It really was annoying. You have all now been warned....

Go see star wars instead. :)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Graduation Day

Wow. I looked at the calender, and i realized that it is only 9 days till my graduation ceremony! Unbelievable. Ceremonies comming up, my grad pictures are on their way, my teacher certification is in if only i could find a job everything would fall perfectly into place, just like it should. Still....I am only one interview away from getting a job with regina public. That is good. It is still to early to know, since they told me it won't be till round mid june that i'd hear from them. I really hope i get a job with regina public. I hear it's not easy.

So, i finally picked up my last paychecks from the daycare. It was a good feeling. Not only to get lots and lots of money, but also to see the people. The moment i walked in the door, kids and the workers were smiling at me. When the big boss came, she practically begged me to work that day (but i couldn't since i had work at unique in about an hour). She wanted to know how soon i could come back to the daycare. Man, things at the daycare are really good. Sure, there's the extreme lack of organization and the pay is crap, but there i am really appreciated. I miss working there. Then again, i'm totally loving being back at unique too. People are happy to see me there too, and they keep telling me i work like a machine through the greenhouse and that the greenhouse always looks better after days that i work. It's a warm fuzzy feeling for me to look back at a long row of nice, neat plants. Does this make me a nerd? hahahaha Whatever. I don't care if it does. It's a good feeling anyways.

I decided that i would love to go back to the daycare this summer. Maybe when the hours slow down? I'll let Charmaine decide this for me, by the number of hours she gives me. I make, like, $3 per hour more at Unique than at the daycare. I'm sorry, but it's all about the money. The daycare would be more relevant and fullfilling, but Unique gives me all the hours i can handle, and lots and lots of money. That's important... Still, I'm kinda hoping hours slow down about mid july so that i can work both unique and the daycare. Man, the money would be really coming in if i had 2 jobs. I think i could handle it, if it was only for the summer...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Bun in the Oven

I made poppy seed buns, and they turned out totally amazing. Wow. I can bake bread. This is a new thing for me. I have made pizza dough before, but that's different. This was actual bread. Well, buns really, but close enough. Maybe next time i should make the full step, and actually make bread? Maybe some cool bread with olives in it. That would be awesome.

So, now that i've totally impressed myself with my bun making skills, i went to the library and got a bunch of cookbooks. I'm really enjoying all this cooking. It's great. It's taking up pretty much all my time before work, but that's ok. It forces me to actually get up in the morning, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, the cookbooks from the library were largly dissapointing. The one about world cuisine isn't actually a cookbook at all, as it has no recipes. It's just a story about a guy that goes and eats in lots of cool places. Really borring. I don't want to hear about all these cool foods, i want to make them myself! Boo to him. The Greek and Italian cookbooks called for all these crazy crazy ingredients i don't have a hope of getting. Like quail, octopus and such. It's just crazy. The final cookbook i grabbed turns out to be only dips. Still....the dips do look good....I could make dips for a week. I'm serious. They have sooo many different dips. It's more a sauce cookbook than a dip cookbook. I especially want to try dipping bread in the 'New Orleans Gumbo dip. It looked amazing.

One of the recipes called for me to dump alcohol in the pan, and then remove it from heat once the flames subside. I want to try it. They do it on all the cooking shows.... That could be really cool. Still... would that set of my fire detector? It is very very sensitive.... Does flaming alcohol cause major smoke? I donno about this idea.... Still... Flaming Ouzo could bo cool....

Or maybe i'll just be lazy and follow the actuall meal plan. None of these recipes looked good anyways. I'll give the library one more shot. This time, i'll take my time and actually look in the books, not grab about 5 with cool covers in about 2 minutes, rushing to work. Haha. That method didn't turn out well at all hahahaha.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

May Long Weekend

Unfortunately, this will not be a story of some crazy, fun, cool adventure i had on may long weekend, where we packed way too many people in a car and just started driving in a random direction. (Man, we should do that sometime...) I spent may long weekend.... at work. Boo to that hahaha. Such is the life of a greenhouse worker. May long is the busiest weekend of the year for a garden center. really wasn't so bad. Fun was had after work. Played some cards, partied briefly at Jason's, finaly saw Kingdom of Heaven (awesome movie about the crusades, with hot manly Orlando Bloom), went on a couple of walks, tried judge apple pie but it rained.... it was a fun weekend anyways.

So, the apple pie contest that i did not go to was the official kickoff to the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. I went last year with fletcher and had an awesome time. I think i will go to events again this year. Now i just have to find myself a schedule.... Oh, here it is (click on the here). Oh, the wonders of the internet :) Wow. At 8:30 pm on thursday I can go and see traditional Fada Fire Dancers! How cool is that :) Who wants to come? Come on, kim, you know you've always BURNED to see a traditional Fada dance (haha...good pun self....). And then of coarse there's the usual street fair they have every year on the saturday. I've been going to that every year for a while, but this time i think i'll see the fire dance too. Last year had belly dancing that i saw with Fletcher, and that was awesome. It had the General Fools improv as well. That was the only time i've ever seen them, but they truely blew me away with how amazing they are. I don't think they're coming this year :( Too bad.

Anyways, it's Angel time. Man, i love that TV show. I'm watching the 4th season DVD (thank you again Ryan for lending it).

Friday, May 20, 2005

Starry Starry Night

Wow. Has anyone looked outside tonight? If not you really missed a show. I left ray's house around 2 am, and looked up at the sky. It was positively glowing with northern lights. Wow. It was absolutely magical. I immediately called Ray outside, and we just stood there and stared up at the sky for a couple minutes, in silence. It was one of those perfect moments. The stars were shining sooo brightly, the weather was not too cold, the moon was dim, the northern lights were a glowing green.... the sky was perfect. Dad, it made me think of you. It would have been a perfect night for stargazing. I wonder... Can you see northern lights with binoculars? You'd think that would be something to see. I'm assuming you can't with a telescope since they're so close....

Saw star wars tonight. All i can say is wow. The light saber battles....the darkness....the full emotion of Padme.... Lets put it this way. Episode 3 made me cry. I admit, i cry easy at movies....but this one was powerfull. Not an all out bawl-fest like The Notebook, but it was really touching. Padme really did an amazing job. Near the end, i feel she really stole the show. It was an inner battle, torn between the cool cool lightsabers and the sadness of Padme's death.... Just wow.

Anyways, bed time for me. I need to catch some sleep since i work tommorow.

Melon Grapefruit Salad

That was the salad i made yesterday. It turned out.....ok, i guess...but nothing amazing. It was a mix of grapefruit, honeydew (it was hard and kinda bad), strawberry vinager (thanks again mom) and dijon mustard with a SMALL amount of honey. Man, that was SSOOOO SOUR!!!!! Crystal and i could barely eat the sour sour salad. Between the grapefruit and the strawberry vinager.... there was nowhere near enough honey. Then crystal and i slathered the entire thing with, like, half a bottle of honey. Then it was really good. THe sweet sour combination between the honey and the strawberry vinager was really really good. I don't think i'd make it again, but it wasn't too bad.

I also made corn chowder. Now that was an amazing soup! It turned out soooo good! We're not talking some wussy little clear soup with a couple tiny chunks floating in it, we're talking like a stew so thick you could eat it with a fork haha. It tasted so good. I totally dazzled the people at unique with my awesome corn chowder. It didn't look too prety because the pasta soaked up all the water in the soup, but it tasted amazing :)

So, Star wars tonight. Should be pretty good, i'm sure. I hope they have a lightsaber battle as cool as the one between Darth Maul and Obi-Wan and Qui-gon Jin. That was the ultimate light saber battle ever. I also really really really really hope they kill of every single Gungan. I HATE those guys! Jar Jar sucks soooo much.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

melon grapefruit salad Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Is it just me, or have we been having really terrible weather lately? I HATE this crappy weather! Working outside all day, it really sucks how it rains all the time. It's really getting on my nerves. Is the weather all craptacular anywhere else? Gull Lake? Halifax? Germany??? I swear, i would be willing to bet that even Germany would be sunnier than here lately! It's unbelievable. Brrr.... I can't wait till thursday. Not only is it my day off, it's supposed to be sunny. Perfect day to go to the beach. Unfortunately, Michelle is going to Edmonton, so she can't go with me. I really want to go to the beach, but i don't have anyone to go with. DOES ANYONE WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH ON THURSDAY? otherwise i'll just have to sneak into crystal's backyard, fill it with sand and pretend that it's a beach instead. That or lay in some sandbox somewhere lol. JJ. Don't worry crystal, your backyard is safe.....for now.....

So, the groceries have been bought, and the fancy cooking will start tommorow. I'll start it off with a bang, with my melon fruit salad :) I have got my webcam back from ray temporarily, and now i can take and post pictures of anything that turns out... The problem is my food often tastes awesome but rarely looks pretty. I just don't have the aesthetic skills.

Wish me luck...

Wow. Today i have taken another tiny step towards actually becoming a mature adult. I have officially bought my first hair dryer and curling iron. I'm not sure how to use them, but how hard can it be? I'm sure the burn marks on the hands, scalp and neck eventually heal.... haha. Seriously, though. Now i need to somehow find a good hair product to de-frizz my hair. Anyone out there know of a good one? Kim, what do you use? Jess? Lisa? Jen? Mom? Anyone? Any suggestions would be awesome.

Wish me luck...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Amazing cookbook Posted by Hello


So, when i was in Gull Lake visiting my grandparents, we hit a garage sale. It was awesome. I got a christmas CD for a dollar! :) I also got this really huge cookbook with all these stupendous recipes inside. I LOVE my cookbook. I decided that this week i will only eat recipes out of this cook book. So, comming up for the week, i have:

Melon and Grapefruit Salad
Corn Chowder with Pasta Shells
Chunky Apple Bake
Fruit Ham and French Bread Pizza
Tandoori Chicken Skewers
Raspberry Muffins
Turkey and Pasta Bake
Poppy Seed Rolls
Mediteranian Fish fillets
Mango and Lime Sherbert in Lime Shells
Bamboo Shoot Salad

Isn't this amazing? I can't WAIT to get started!!!!!

Ryan, your roast was amazing. I am next for the meal making. Which one do you want? ( It will be my first time making all these recipes. If you want to wait till i've tried them once, that's fine and i'll make the good ones again).

I'll let you guys know as i go along how the recipes turn out. If i find a really good one, or if there's one you want just ask and i'll scan and post the recipe.

Here's a pic of my AMAZING cookbook. This should show up in another post.... Lets see how it works... I wish i knew how to integrate a picture into my blog post. Andre, any help here? Anyone? I did it using a program called Hello! which allows me to post pictures from my hard drive directly to the blog. But i wish i knew how to integrate it into a post.

Anyways. I've had a totally awesome weekend. Went out and partied with Michelle and friends at New Yorks, and that was a good time. Much dancing to be had :) Also went out for ice cream with Fletcher Matt and Michelle. Man, it's hard to find ice cream as good as dairy queen. I LOVE those ice cream sandwiches!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Dad!

Man, this is crazy. I wished michelle happy birthday a day early, but now i'm wishing my dad happy birthday a day late. If only I had switched them around.....

Anyways. Had a miserable time at work yesterday. The wind was so strong that the covers for the trees became like sails, lifting pots off the ground and practically lifting people off their feet. lol

Well, I hope Dad has a happy birthday, even if he did miss his conection and is stuck in washington. Ugh...birthday in an airport. Then again, i spent last new years in an airport. The worst part was it was in the regina airport lol. They wouldn't just let me go...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Happy birthday Michelle!

This is a happy birthday post to my friend Michelle. Yes, i know her birthday isn't till tommorow, but i wanted to make sure i made it. YAY Michelle! For anyone who feels like showing up, if they get this in time, come to New Yorks around 10:30 pm. Kim, Lisa.....this means you lol.

I had an eye appointment yesterday, and i found out that my one eye got BETTER! Who'd have thought? I didn't know eyes can get better. Matt told me that his sister once had glasses, and then suddenly didn't need them anymore. Crazy, eh? That will never happen to me, since my one eye is so screwed up lol. But still....less extreme thickness of lenses is good. By the way, anyone know the average price of new frames? I dunno. I found ones i really liked for $180, but they want 100$ extra for clip on sunglasses. That seems a little extreme...

Anyways. Kudos to Kim and Ryan for commenting. :) Come on can do better than this...

Friday, May 13, 2005

Wow. Who whould have thought that this would be so complicated? I sent out the e-mail telling everyone about my blog, about the next day i had about 8 people e-mailing me saying 'what's going on?'. Yeah, i did forget to put my link on this, but even people who found the link still were all confused. Crazy. I hope it works out better soon.

And, if you want to leave a comment, you have 2 choices. You can sign up (i don't suggest it), or you can COMMENT ANONYMOUSLY. Just put your name at the bottomn, and it's all good.

I was supposed to go to the beach today, but the weather's all rainy and such. I guess i'll have to go next week. Oh well. At least i'm going to vote on sexy firefighters tonight lol.

Well, i'm off. Ryan is going to make me supper :). I'm sure it will be totally awesome. I think it's a roast. Mmmm....yummy. I don't make roasts because they're way to big for one person, but i love them.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

First Blogger Blog

Hey everyone.

As any of you following my previous blog can tell, I had been blogging about the educational computers class i was taking. Now, i'm just going to blog to keep in touch. My friends Andre and Ryan blog regularely, and even though I don't see them often, i know what's happening through the blogs. With my family being so far flung to all the corners of the earth, something like that would be useful to me.

So, i'll try to blog here as often as i can. I will try to set this as my homepage in my msn, so that there will be a star beside my name when i have updates. Please let me know if this works...

I switched away from msn spaces because i want to be able to post pictures inside my blog. I have seen blogs using deadjournal, live journal, blogger and msn spaces, and i find that i like blogger best. Lets see how this goes.. Oh good... there's spellcheck.

By the way, i want to know who's actually reading this. PLEASE leave a comment after the blog, even if it's just 'hi'.