Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Bun in the Oven

I made poppy seed buns, and they turned out totally amazing. Wow. I can bake bread. This is a new thing for me. I have made pizza dough before, but that's different. This was actual bread. Well, buns really, but close enough. Maybe next time i should make the full step, and actually make bread? Maybe some cool bread with olives in it. That would be awesome.

So, now that i've totally impressed myself with my bun making skills, i went to the library and got a bunch of cookbooks. I'm really enjoying all this cooking. It's great. It's taking up pretty much all my time before work, but that's ok. It forces me to actually get up in the morning, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, the cookbooks from the library were largly dissapointing. The one about world cuisine isn't actually a cookbook at all, as it has no recipes. It's just a story about a guy that goes and eats in lots of cool places. Really borring. I don't want to hear about all these cool foods, i want to make them myself! Boo to him. The Greek and Italian cookbooks called for all these crazy crazy ingredients i don't have a hope of getting. Like quail, octopus and such. It's just crazy. The final cookbook i grabbed turns out to be only dips. Still....the dips do look good....I could make dips for a week. I'm serious. They have sooo many different dips. It's more a sauce cookbook than a dip cookbook. I especially want to try dipping bread in the 'New Orleans Gumbo dip. It looked amazing.

One of the recipes called for me to dump alcohol in the pan, and then remove it from heat once the flames subside. I want to try it. They do it on all the cooking shows.... That could be really cool. Still... would that set of my fire detector? It is very very sensitive.... Does flaming alcohol cause major smoke? I donno about this idea.... Still... Flaming Ouzo could bo cool....

Or maybe i'll just be lazy and follow the actuall meal plan. None of these recipes looked good anyways. I'll give the library one more shot. This time, i'll take my time and actually look in the books, not grab about 5 with cool covers in about 2 minutes, rushing to work. Haha. That method didn't turn out well at all hahahaha.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dale... you do realize 'bun in the oven' is another way of saying 'I'm pregnant'.... some might read the title and wonder dear...


Dale said...


that's why i did it. to confuse people.

No, grandma, i'm not pregnant. You can stop the happy dance now lol.