Friday, June 26, 2009

Giveaway!!! Earings for 4000 posts!

Hey there everybody.

So, I took a peek at my blog ticker, and I see that i'm almost at 4000 hits! When'd that happen??? Wow. Very exciting :).

I had posted these earings previously, as part of my entry to Derryn Mentock's challenge to do Mary Hattmansperger's book, but i myself do not have pierced ears. It's strage, i'm a jewelry artist who can't wear some of the jewelry she makes hahha. It's just something i never got around to doing i guess?

I decided to celebrate the 4000 hits with a giveaway. Leave me a quick comment here, and i'll pick a number for the winner... standard blog giveaway style. Don't forget to make sure there is a way I can contact you!

By the way, speaking of giveaways, i just discovered a new blog that has some rather pretty stuff... Sweet Bead Studios had a web redesign, and is giving away some jewelry with some pretty sweet embossed metal, and a embossing hammer. My fingers are so crossed for the hammer!! Check it out here

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hand chain

Inspired by the lovely steampunk jewelry of Melanie Brooks, i have created a 'slave chain'. A slave chain is both a bracelet and a ring combined into one, with chains across the back of the hand. I really am pleased with how this came out.

The challenge at Green Pepper Press right now is to "Make it Your Own'. I really liked this idea for a challenge, as i feel it is so accessible to everyone and open for interpretation. This is my submission for the challenge. I was inspired by the basic shape of Melanie's Clockwork Scarab Slave Chain (seen here) and created a slave chain of my own. While both of these are in the general steampunk style (hers especially), hers goes deeper into the genre while mine is more of a feminine style.

It was relatively simple to create the basic shape. Chain around the wrist with a closure, brass filigree on the wrist, piece on the middle of the hand, thin long filigree wrapped around the middle finger... the concept is very open. It is then open for you to create the theme, colours, and style that you want using the basic ideas.

Anyone else made some of these before? I'd love to see other ideas.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

April showers... in June?

I am still catching up slowly on the necklaces i have created but not yet photographed or put up on the blog here. This i created for the Creativity Challenge way back in april but am finally getting around to posting... i am a lazy blogger it is true lol. Still i thought i'd share it, throw it out there. Better late than never...... right....?

The prompt for this was 'april showers'. I really liked the idea of having more of a choker for this necklace. This is the first time i have created the form of the necklace, as a choker, myself. Hanging from it are links i created with fake turquoize, glass blown hearts, 'raindrop' charms, metal leaf dangles, and a frame. The frame contains a picture of a lake with lilypads, that came from a US stamp i recieved some time ago. I cut the picture and put it in the frame.

What has anyone else been up to lately?