Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Star pendant

Today I'll show my lovely 'star pendant' necklace. The necklace is made from copper sheet, with a cut star of brass on top. The two were soldered together using 'sweat soldering'. This means that i put the two pieces together with the solder and flux sandwiched between. As the two pieces got hot with the torch, it melted the solder between them to put them together. A simple concept, but a good one :).

Here underneath, you can see where i stamped 'Tu lui sais depuis toujours'. This is a quote from my favorite movie ever, Amélie. It means 'You've known them forever'. A lovely quote from a lovely movie.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I have another piece to show here today. I call this 'peekaboo' due to the peekaboo polkadots on the pendant and the fabric poking out the sides of the 'tube beads'. Also, the green beads peek through the resin that covers them on the circular disks.
A couple special features on this one... I used eyelets to hold together three layers on the pendant, being the mesh, the fabric, and the copper. It was difficult to drill all three with a perfect large hole, but on my second try i got it :).
Another feature: the 'tube beads' along the sides. I used a thin gauge of copper and made a tube shape. After, i stuffed the ends with fabric scraps, with some crazyglue to hold them in.
There are the two circular disks on the sides. They are domed circles, and i filled them both with ice resin. I then dropped one little green bead in each one.
Lastly, there is the closure on the back. It's hard to see in this picture, but one side is like a 'p' and the other side has a squigly line for the toggle. I was inspired by the Art Bead Scene challenge a couple months ago and made the clasp, but didn't finish a necklace in time. The shapes are both directly from the rather geometric painting.
Hope you like what you see :)