Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yes... I am still alive and out there....

Wow. It sure has been along time since i last posted. I was quite busy with a whole bunch of things all happening at the same time. Now things have slowed down again, so i can post again haha.

wow. I was insano busy for a little bit there. I had a 3 week solid subbing gig for the same teacher, my co-op, at Douglas Park School. I love it there. I had previously done a 2 week surgery leave for one teacher, now i did a 3 week surgery leave for a different teacher. I was happy to be working, but even more happy to be back at douglas park school. There is one place i feel like i really belong. I'm not 'just a sub' there. All the teachers know me, many of the younger students know me.... it's just so nice. I have a general idea about the expectations there, i know where everything is, i know who to talk to about certain things, i know who everyone is... I feel like part of the staff there. I haven't had taht feeling since i interned. It's a fabulous feeling.

However, doing a subbing block is much busier than doing a simple day of subbing. For the block, i did paperwork, documentation, short term planning, networking, correcting, organizing... i did about 3 quarters of everything a regular teacher would do. And not only that, but i've also started at the garden center now. Because someone broke their foot, i started off working EVERY SINGLE DAY. Eight hour days on weekends, and i went straight to work from the school. It was insane. I swear, i don't know how i got through. There was no time to cook. No time to see friends. No time to do anything but work :(

And to add to that, i had family in town. Yes.... family in town for dale! My sister came into town to stay with me. My mom came into town and stayed with me. And my grandparents came into town and my grandmother stayed with me over the weekend. So, between the hospital to visit my grandfather (hip operation), work at the school, work at the garden center and spending time with my mom and sister, i had no time for anything, let alone blogging.

So, now that you know why i dissapeared for so long hahaha.....

I have a dilema. I can't figure out how to place my furniture. My mom emptied the storage bin. I now have the piano and the loveseat in my living room. Where the heck am i going to put everything? Everything i do makes the room look strange and over busy one one side.

On the next post i will post pics of my living room with all furniture pieces. What can i do with them? Feel free to tell me any possible ideas. At the moment, it's horrible. Mom, any thoughts would be well appreciated. You did an excellent job the first time.