Thursday, May 12, 2005

First Blogger Blog

Hey everyone.

As any of you following my previous blog can tell, I had been blogging about the educational computers class i was taking. Now, i'm just going to blog to keep in touch. My friends Andre and Ryan blog regularely, and even though I don't see them often, i know what's happening through the blogs. With my family being so far flung to all the corners of the earth, something like that would be useful to me.

So, i'll try to blog here as often as i can. I will try to set this as my homepage in my msn, so that there will be a star beside my name when i have updates. Please let me know if this works...

I switched away from msn spaces because i want to be able to post pictures inside my blog. I have seen blogs using deadjournal, live journal, blogger and msn spaces, and i find that i like blogger best. Lets see how this goes.. Oh good... there's spellcheck.

By the way, i want to know who's actually reading this. PLEASE leave a comment after the blog, even if it's just 'hi'.


Anonymous said...

I am checking if this comment works

Ryan said...

I am also checking. hello, Dale!

Anonymous said...

hey dale, i dunno i cant leave a comment on the other post sooo i'm gdoing it here! lol the reason why i didnt see your msn name is because i havnt seen you opnline in forever hahahahah. sooo i'll be going ttyl