Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sundries and Plunder Guest Giveaway

Sundries and Plunder Guest Giveaway

These animal masks are so lovely, absolutely gorgeous stuff.

Webtangle Earings

A couple posts ago, I gave a teaser showing bits of jewelry i'd photographed, and also a pair of earings nestled in my hands. Here is a closer shot of these little pretties, that I call my Webtangle earings. This is one of the projects from Stephanie Lee's lovely book, Semi-precioius salvage, that i've slowly been working my way through, project by project :).

Teaser shot again, of more things to come...

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Lapis neck piece

A couple months ago, I was browsing flickr and came accross a piece by Cindiesmithdesigns. I was totally inspired by the lovely, lovely shapes created the necklace, and knew I wanted to make something similar in some ways (with my own flare of course!). See inspiration point here:

And here's the finished product! I added many design points of my own, including the entire pendant area and the rivets along the copper.

Here's the back part of the necklace. After rolling over the copper, I hooked in a link and linked it to some chunky chain. It then has a nice toggle closure.

This is the best photo for seeing the pendant. You can see the huge lapis lazuli cab i used on the copper. You can also see the rivet i did to close the filigree together (i later glued a small blue crystal on top, as this rivet was a little messy). You can also see the work i did linking together many jump rings to connect the pendant to the necklace.
Speaking of lapis, I really like the piece I picked up for this project. As you can see in the photo, it has lovely shine and sparkle to it... I can even kinda see my shadow on the surface! I got a pretty good deal on it (i think) from my favorite jewelry salesman. Only 3000 won! (about 3$). I didn't really get into buying stones until after I came here to Korea, but i think the prices are significantly lower here. Anyone else know about how much a 2 inch diameter cab of lapis lazuli would cost elsewhere?

Final photo! This total piece photo shows the work I did on the copper (all cut, filed, and textured by me). You can also see the rivets I put into the copper.
In all, this does not make a 'run out to the grocery store' necklace, but it does make an interesting statement piece. Nice with my little black dress, where it can really gobble up all the attention :)