Friday, February 01, 2008


Just finished reading the January/February issue of cloth-paper-scissors. It was really pretty good. A couple of the projects held no interest whatsoever to me, but a couple of others i was absolutely stunned. I love seeing all the different projects here, and i find myself especially drawn to projects with bright colours and strong textures. Cloth paper scissors never disappoints me, there always seems to be an abundance of projects I look and say 'I've got to try that!'.

Here's one example that i really liked. The magazine did an article about Sue Pelletier's mixed media houses. Check this out!Here is her website

I just love the way she makes these houses. The painting style, the thick textures, the variety of elements... I LOVE IT! I find myself so inspired by these projects. I recently saw a swap on about collaged houses. Maybe i will join it, once i finish with this 'green' swap.

I also found myself HIGHLY inspired by the interview they did with Karen Mitchel. Here's a pic of her project they were showing off:

Here's the website the pic came from

I see her in her etsy shop that it's only 25 dollars for this fantastically gorgeous project! The only thing that worries me is it says that it is a 'reproduction print'. This means that the texture and such just won't be there. Too bad. I guess it would be more than 25$ if it was an original hahaha. Oh well.

After looking at her website, i realized that i already own a book by Karen Michel as well, The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery.
Here is her website

I do absolutely adore this book. It is where i learned about the bleach reaction on photos as i discussed in the previous post. I see that she does workshops. It would be so very amazing to go to one of her workshops. I'd love that. If only they weren't all so far away. Oh well. Maybe i'll save up and go on a road trip this summer? Only downside is that i'd be the only one interested... can't see any of my friends wanting to go to a art workshop. Hmmm..... Who knows?

Well, i think that's about it for today. I've been keeping up very well with my goal of doing something creative every day. It is much easier than i anticipated. Between the lessons i have on tuesday, jazz band practices on wednesdays and all my atc projects i find that it is easy to keep up here. Hope things continue to go as well as they have been!

In other news, i am starting a new atc requested by a trader. I am going to make an atc with a crab on a sandpaper base. More details and pictures to come as they are finished.

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