Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fun with Chemical Reactions!

I have been playing around with chemical reactions yesterday and today. Yesterday i created a background for an ATC.

I started with green watercolour on watercolour paper. And then i added some glaze medium. And then i added some blue caligraphy ink. And then i added some pearlescent ink. And then i added some pearlescent medium. And then i added some water..... Well something in this don't mix together easily. I don't know which one did it (i do suspect it may have been the caligraphy ink) but one of them separated from the others and made a chunky, bumpy texture to this. Is tehre oil in any of these paints i wonder? i wouldn't be suprised. Somehow i got a grainy texture when dry, although it started out smooth.... cool....

And then i worked on a card today that had REAL chemical reactions (lol). As much as i like unexpected texture, the science nerd in me loves the way this happens. Take a photo, and then add bleach from a bleach pen(taking all necessary precautions of coarse). Trust me.... it's the neatest thing. Anywhere you draw the bleach on the photo will leech the colour out, layer by layer. If you only leave it on a little bit, then it will be a brilliant red orange colour. Then to yellow, and then finally to white. It happens quite fast, it goes all the way to white in under one minute. Once you are just before your desired point, put the photo in water to stop the reaction.

Once they were suitably bleached and rinsed, i scraped them up with sandpaper. I then painted with a green colour, and then repeated the sanding texture. All done, ready to trade! I hope the person who recieves them loves them as much as i loved making them. I may now have slightly dry hands from the weakened bleach water, but i have 3 fabulous ATCs :)

This atc was created for a swap on my favorite ATC website, atcards. For this swap, you were supposed to create 3 cards that involve windows and doors. Mine are now finished, time to mail them away!

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