Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Red Dawn

Another day, another monocromatic ATC!

Well, maybe not one EVERY day, but it does seem like i am churning out quite a few lately :) This one took me two days to finish (one for the background, one for the painting and collage). I have now done green, orange and red monocromatic ATC's, and have a blue one currently in the works (will show when it's done).

This one was inspired looking at the pictures you see that just seem to be so touchable. They have so much texture to some of them! I was looking through my copy of ARTFUL BLOGGING (which FINALLY arrived :):):) ) and i was simply inspired by one of Bridgette Guerzon Mills' paintings. The texture was so strong, and the colours beautifully layered. I used this painting as my original inspiration, and then went a different direction in many ways. I have always been inspired by Bridgette's work, and am a regular subscriber to her blog Contemplating the Moon. I was very excited to see her blog featured in Artful Blogging. You should totally go check her blog out.

So, on my ATC, I first tried creating dimension with gesso, but i found it wasn't enough. Maybe because I have too cheap quality, wal-mart gesso? hahah Is gesso supposed to make mini clumps on the picture??? I just don't know. To create more dimension, i glued down scraps of various papers of varying textures, and put even more gesso on top of them. Painted, glued down and created an impression of a grain elevator, stamped a title and voila! Another finished.

This card was created for Jen Worden's current weekly challenge (yes, this time i am going for the current one!). Card created.... now i need to fulfill the second part and give it to a complete stranger.... hmmm... this will be harder than i expected. While it is true that almost ALL my art goes to strangers, as i trade ATC's online, it is different sending my art to a non ATC collecter. I am somewhat nervous with this part :S


Jen said...

Dale, I'm a huge fan of Bridgette's work as well and while I can see the influence this is definitely your work. Kudos.

Also, you are correct, not all gesso is created equal. I'm just about finished the cheapo Acrylix brand liter bottle I bought on an impulse and I've hated it every single solitary time (metric BUTTloads!) I've used it. Golden (my preferred brand) may be more expensive but you use a quarter to get the same coverage. I will not make that mistake again.

If you're looking for coverage AND texture try out some of Golden's grounds ( Wonderful stuff!

Dale said...

Wow! That does sound great. I wonder where i could find something like that in a small canadian city... would Michael's have it?

cat said...


Love the ATC and all that beautiful texture!

cat said...

Hi Dale,
Received the ATC and it is just terrific and a VERY inspiring piece!
Thanks again!