Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More projects

Well, i went to studio sundays. That really was a let-down. As it turns out, the facilitator who told me about the program failed to mention that the 'general public' isn't allowed into the real studio area, just the entrance room. As well, the program is geared towards young children, complete with planned crafts, controlled activities and even storytime. So... totally not what i'm looking for.

Oh well, i've still been keeping busy with many different projects. I swear, it's probably better that i don't have that new thing to take on, as i at this moment have signed up for a journal swap due next weekend and owe 3 people ATC's. Wow.... things do pile up when you're having fun! I love it.

Previously, i talked about the Altered Journal Swap that i signed up for (link goes to the post). I have now been to Staples (FAR better than wal-mart for this hands down) and picked up the journal. I have decided to try to keep a cohesive theme for the journal. Each page and the covers will be collaged with newspaper strips. The covers will have additional details that i have not decided yet. Each inside page will have a block of iridescent ink painted onto the collage, and then on top of that i will put a packing tape transfer of one of their favorite bands cd art, and stamp lyrics from the cd onto the page. I have sent my partner a message, asking about favorite bands. I just hope they aren't all like 'i like 50 cent' or something like that. Not to bash the type of music (although i am most definately not a fan), it just really wouldn't fit with the theme i have going here. Even worse, i hope they aren't all like 'Oh, i don't listen to much music'. I'm sure they won't.... i hope hahaha. Music is such a major part of my life, the concept of someone not listening to music of some kind is completely foreign to me.

I will post pics of my journal progress as it is going along soon. I have already collaged the front and back with newspaper, and i have added papers to the insides of the covers. They are looking great :)


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Dale said...

Arg! That's another 'comment' that i've recieved now trying to sell me things! Stupid things. I hate you, spammers.