Sunday, February 03, 2008

ATC's finished

So, I am finally caught up on all the trades i signed up for! I signed up for an ATC swap for green cards, and a swap for an 'ocean themed' card.

The second card you have already seen in a previous post. THe second card i just finished today. I am so frustrated with my scanner when it comes to the scanning of cards that involve 3D objects. This one has a shell on it. In the scanned picture, you can't even tell what it is, it's just a green fuzzy blob. THe whole card is rather fuzzy. However, when i take pictures they always turn out so grainy. THere really has to be a better way. Any suggestions out there? This is getting rather frustrating.

This was was for an ocean theme requested by a trader in return for a cute card of hers. I thought i'd crate a 'mother of pearl'-like finish using pearlescent medium and watercolours, on book text, for the shell. I also ripped up pieces of this for an ocean on the corner. Add a LOT of glue, some sandpaper, some cotton for ocean 'foam'... voila! A cute little crab, ready to be mailed away.

I went shopping yesterday. Realized just how much birthday money i still had left from grandparents, and decided to buy a couple of things for me :). I first spent 60$ at St. John's on a new mute for my trombone. I now own a 'practice mute'. It keeps the trombone sound from the bell MUCH quieter. Now maybe i'll actually be able to practice more at home, since the people who live upstairs from me will no longer be able to hear it, and poor Ray (my man) will be able to successfully block it out with headphones. Oh trombone... you are truly an underappreciated instrument hahaha.

I also went a TINY bit wild at Michael's . I have been reading everywhere that, for a collage artist gluing down 3-D objects, heavy gel medium is the way to go. Well, the only stuff here is at the Michael's, and it's 20$ for a rather small container. 20$ for just glue!!!! Oh well. The modge podge and rubber cement simply aren't cutting it, time to bring in the big guns hahaha. So I bought some heavy mat gel medium, more needles, some cool papers, some alphabet stickers and little mini mirrors perfect for 'inchie' atc's! (An 'inchie' is an atc that is exactly 1 inch by 1 inch). Well, time to get ready for movie night tonight. Off to be lazy, watch movies and eat pizza at a friend's place. Good times to be had. What a lazy day. Haven't even got dressed yet and it's already 6 pm hahaha. I love it :)

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bridgette said...

hi dale, thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. To answer your question-I found those sign language hands in one of those copyright free books. And I photocopied them in several sizes. I don't know what book it was as this was several years ago.

i use glue from the hardware store to glue my 3d objects. much cheaper. :)