Saturday, February 09, 2008

Monocromatic colour themes

What is it about monocromatic colour themes that has me so facinated lately? I guess it's not just a 'lately' thing... even as a digiscraper i was often drawn to pages that were created with a single coloured theme.

Lately, it seems all the cards i'm making have a single colour theme. I was just recently in a 'all green' swap, which may have originally spurred this on, but even now when my swap cards are mailed and done, i am still creating monocromatic themes. I have 2 different projects in the works... an all blue one involving hearts and nails (yes, even the nails are blue. BLUE NAILS! Hardware stores can be so fun hahah).

My other card is a card that i am finally creating that has been bumping around in my mind for a couple weeks now. An awesome fellow blogger, Jen Worden. She does a weekly challenge with a cool draw prize every week. A couple weeks ago, she did a challenge where she asked us o make 'citrus' themed art. Well, i may not have done it then, but i have now almost finished atc's of collage-created orange slices. 6 different shades of juicy oranges in watercolours, some watercoloured-orange newspaper, some rinds painted with gold sparkle ink mixed with orange watercolour.... good to go! I'm just in the final gluing stages, i will post pics when i am done.

But what is this alure, this facination with monochromatic themes? All red, all blue, all pink, all white... doesn't matter to me, i love them all. They simply mesh so wonderfully together. I not only enjoy creating them, i especially enjoy looking at monocromatic art created by others. I wonder if there is some sort of scientific explanation of why these are just so aesthetically pleasing? And if someone is colourblind..... is everything therefor monochromatic, and is the effect thereby lost on them? Hahahaha.... who knows.

Anyways, enough musing theories of colour. Time to go snuggle into bed with my man Ray.

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franswazz said...

I enjoyed your post. I have a hard time creating anything in monochromatic colors but love it when I see it done by other artists. Somehow even when I start that way there is a "force" in me that says "go on add a wee bit of blue...or green or...both!!!"LOL
The beauty of this is in the infinite variety of work being done. Vive la difference!