Monday, February 11, 2008

Ameba gathering

So, on the recommendation of a friend of mine Andre I went to a gathering of people here called the Amoeba group (the picture is us fooling around in Pac Mall in Toronto, with the funky asian statues.

So, i wasn't very sure what it was. I found the group on facebook (the ultimate group area it seems hahaha), and decided to check it out since Andre has reccomemnded them a couple months ago. I looked at the facebook list... a couple people i knew from jazz band various years were in it. They meet every sunday... and i saw this on saturday. Why not check it out?

So, while they were not an artist group as i thought they might be, there were many other interesting things discussed. I am still not sure exactly what they ARE, other than a group of friends that went to university together, but it seems they do neat things. A group of people, all with various talents and such to show and add to the collective (and no, they are not a cult hahaha). And they meet up for a retreat at Echo Valley once a year. Last year there was cooking, belly dancing, yoga and a variety of other things, along with general fun. Stay tuned for more details as i figure out exactly what this 'cult' like group (jj) exactly is. When i know, i'll let you know hahah.

I have also finished off 2 more atc's this weekend. Well, actually there are 5 but three are editions of the same orange atc.

The first one is a atc inspired by Jen Worden's weekly art challenge (click on the link to see the challenge. Unfortunately, as you will see from the post, I am almost a month late hahah. I saw her weekly challenge when it was fresh, but was currently busy with swaps i had already committed to. However, the ideas for what i could do for the challenge did not follow these practical lines, and kept perculating in my mind. So even though it is too late to submit for the challenge draw, i still wanted to do it since i had some cool ideas happening. I swear, if i had to list my favorite media... i would say newspaper collage. It just looks cool :) So, another monochromatic coloured piece finished! I swear, that is one of my 'things' lately.

On these two, i have a bit of a dilema.... What is the ethical guidelines on using magazine pictures? That i find i am generally ok with. But what about magazine pictures using pieces of other people's art?... that could be iffy. I was simply so very moved by the art of Genevive Pfeiffer that i cut out a chunk of the painting for future inspiration. But then the chunck turned out to be the right size for making an atc.... and it just sort of happened that i turned it into an atc in a flurry of creative inspiration. They elements just seemed to fit together so perfectly.... but then when i looked at it after i was kinda iffy about using it like that. Is this wrong? I have been very careful to credit her on the back of both atcs and every time i post them... but still. Any thoughts on the matter?

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Jen said...

Love this citrusy goodness Dale! It reminds me of a blood orange. yum! Good on ya for doing the challenge!