Saturday, February 16, 2008

Good news and Bad news

So, i got some good news and some bad news today.... Good news first!

For the challenge i was participating in for Jen, i was supposed to create a red card and send it to a stranger. I created the atc shown last post, Red Dawn. Then i waited... my plan is to send it to the first person who comments on the post (this plan had a potential hitch when the challenge host was the first to comment... so i just changed the plan to the SECOND person)...and so..... CAT! It's you! You were the first non-host to comment on my card. Soon as i get the address, i will mail you the card. I think this is supposed to be a surprise who it goes to (as in they aren't expecting it) but it is hard to send it to a blog stranger without having their address first hahahha. Hopefully she doesn't just think i'm some kind of strange stalker or something hahahah.

So there was the good news, now for the.... bad.

:( :( :( :(

My favorite ATC trading website is potentially being shut down. By the end of this month, it is POSSIBLE that the site will be no more. This is a site of 5000+ artists that i check daily. It has everything i would want from a site: a gallery with generous space, a lively forum, talented and friendly artists, organized swaps, a variety of medias besides atcs, iTrader ratings.... it was just what i wanted. Damian (the administrator) has received a promotion and will no longer have time for this time-hog of a site. While i wish many congratulations to him on his promotion, it still saddens me to potentially lose my favorite website. *sigh*.

There is still hope! The site says that they are working on a solution not to lose the online community (a new site to join, a new administrator.... something). I looked around, and there were no pre-existing sites that had what i was looking for. There is a new one being made called ACTs for all that isn't finished yet... maybe it will be good? I sure hope so. *fingers crossed*. How about you guys out there in blog land? Do you know any good sites to trade your atc's? I don't like yahoo groups and don't understand flikr groups (yet!). Wish me luck :)

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