Friday, June 10, 2005

There is definately such a thing as too much flavor!

Well, i made 2 recipes today. Bamboo shoot salad, and mango stuffed frozen lime deserts. The desert turned out okay, not too bad at all, but the salad turned out utterly disgusting.

The sad part is that it isn't the recipe's fault. The recipe told me to put 2 tablespoons of fish sauce. I don't actually own measuring things, so i just gave it a liberal dumping, because the fish sauce smelled good. Then, after mixing everything, i decided there wasn't enough sauce on the salad, it was too dry. So i gave it another liberal dumping of fish sauce. The end result looked glistening and fabulous, the rice was perfectly roasted and crushed, the seaseme seeds pretty... it looked great. Crystal and i gazed at it hungrily, then took our first bite.

OMG! Crystal and i must have had identical squinched up faces. The salad tasted like pure fish sauce! It was soooo gross. We tried adding sugar, but that didn't help. I tried adding chili peppers, but i added so much it was painful to eat, therefor making the problem worse. Hahaha. No one can make a crappy recipe like me! Man, it was terrible.

The lime deserts looked gorgeous again. This is an easy recipe, that had the potential to be fabulous. Unfortunately, most of my mango had gone bad. Instead of having an entire, large mango, it had about a 10th of a mango. So, it could have been much better, but the lime was still good. I think it was a little too intensly sour for crystal, but i happily gobbled mine up. :) That's one recipe i will definately have to try again, with a non-rotten mango.


Fletcher said...

Dale, Dale, Dale, have I not told you before that cooking is an EXACT science? Silly woman, maybe Marie and i should take your Birthday present back and get you mesuring cups and spoons. LOL. Just joking love. Silly Dale, adding more stuff. lol, Dale makes me laugh.

Andre said...

DALE ! ! ! ... thats all i have to say about that.