Sunday, June 19, 2005

Pimp Dale's Ride

Man, my car has all of the sudden clammored for more attention. All of this has happened in the span of 2 days.

1. My reflector of my car door fell off. I'll have to crazy glue it back on.

2. My check engine soon light came on.

3. Ryan and i checked the oil level, and topped up the oil.

4. Went and got an oil change, and discovered i need 2 new air filters (one for cabin, other for engine). Also replaced windshield wiper. As well, i discovered my two rear ligths illuminating my licence plate have burned out.

5,. Got a check because of the check engine light. Got the code for what was wrong, but they weren't able to fix it because they specialized in transmissions and mine is about the exhaust system.

6. Went to CAA, and on the way there the check engine light went out. CAA interpreted the most likely meaning of the code, and it is that there is a possible valve problem with my exhaust, which would cost about 200$. As well, they told me that sensors sometimes go off on their own, and that don't worry about it unless the light goes back on a second time.

Man, i have to get a whole shitload of stuff done. I think i will go pick up the air filters and light bulbs at a auto parts store (canadian tire, wal-mart etc.) and call ray up to have a 'pimp dale's ride day' where we glue on my reflector again and change the filters (thank you grandpa paul for showing me how earlier :) )

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Andre said...

sucks to be you

i just did some performance work to my car :)