Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hot Dogs!!!!

I spent today in hot dog heaven. I really love hot dogs. Especially with mustard and onions. Not boiled hot dogs, but bbq's, grilled or especially cooked over a fire. Mmmm.....

We went to the beach today. It was a totally awesome time. A little cloudy, but on the whole not too bad. We went to Butler's (the necessary place to go for fish and chips). I did not have fish and chips, as i had been craving a hot dog all day. But one hot dog didn't satisfy. We then went to marie's, where i bbq'd 3 more for michelle and i. Mmmm.... I ate 3 hot dogs today. And it was good. :)

Soon.... one day.... it will not rain on a thursday (they are already forcasting rain for this thursday). And michelle and i will go to the beach, make a fire and roast hot dogs. And smores. And marshmellows. And it will be good too.

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