Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Have you ever seen a shoe, and just needed it? I'm sorry, and i know this sounds really stupid, but i really want to eventually get a shoe like this one, especially in black... I swear, if we had a banana republic, i'd be going there right now lol.

Click for shoe

I want to try the whole pedicure process one time, as listed here . Michelle, Marie, Crystal, Laura....any of my chickies intersted? I'm sure it will turn out better than the avacado hair experience lol.


Andre said...

whats wrong with ebay?

Dale said...

i don't have a credit card

andre said...

why dont you have a credit card?

you dont need a credit card for ebay anyways, you just need to set up a paypal account which is linked to your bank account... basically turning ebay into a huge shopping mall that you can use your debit card for.

but you should seriously think about getting a credit card anwyays.