Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mongoli Grill

Man, that was an awesome time sunbathing on monday! The weather was just perfect. Michelle, Matt and I just lay there in the sun... I only wish i was able to find my Ikea mat! I bought it special for suntanning, and now i can't find it! It's a big huge thing... I don't understand where it could possibly have gone. Then again, this is from the girl that lost her trombone in her bedroom. It's a very small bedroom....i don't know how i possibly managed to lose my trombone. lol Oh well. I'm sure my mat will turn up. It's not like it could have gone far.

So, i went out for supper to the Mongoli Grill tonight. Man, that was an experience! Instead of having a list of food in their menu, they had instructions. Step one., choose your soup. Step two, order your drink. Step 3, take the bowl and choose the raw food (meat, seafood, veggies etc.) Step 4, weigh your bowl. It cost about 3$ for every hundred grams of food in the bowl, didn't matter what it was. I jam packed my bowl with seafood. Lots and lots of prawns, scallops and especially squid. I also tried some shitake mushrooms, but they turned out to be really really gross (I gave them all to Fletcher lol). Then they fry it all up, stir fry style. They bring you wraps that look like rice paper, and lots of rice. You make your stirfry into wraps. Or, if you're Laura, you ignore the wraps and just have stirfry on rice. It turned out so amazingly good. A little pricy, but it's nice to eat somewhere really good every once in a while.

Speaking of eating good, i can't wait till saturday. MOSAIC! I will not be eating much, but i do plan on spending all saturday that isn't with grandparents, at Mosaic. I can't wait! I am just so excited. There's a new pavillion! A Chile pavillion! WOW! I can't wait. I absolutely must go to the french, greek, german, indian and scottish pavillion. The scottish pavillion is always a great party later at night... i hope they have a good celtic rock band :) Those are my favorite kinds of bands. I don't know what it is about celtic style music.... I just really like it. Dave Gunning, Great big Sea, Spirit of the West.... they just really get me. I love it. I just can't hardly wait to go....

There's just so much excitement comming up! Tommorow, Michelle and i are going shopping. Friday is convocation. Saturday Mosaic.... Wow. So much fun fun fun. I can't believe i don't work till sunday. Here's hoping i have an awesome 3 days off!

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