Sunday, June 26, 2005

Angel :)

So, for my birthday Ray got me Angel season 5 :). I now own hte final season of angel. This is soooo awesome. I think it was the best present ever. We then proceded to sit down and watch an entire disk's worth of episodes (about 4 hours). I would have kept going, but it was about 3 am lol. I swear, the only thing that is keeping me from sitting and having an angel marathon right now, regardless of the time, is that i am watching them together with ray. I can't wait to see the next episode :).

And by the way, i now have my birthday plans. For my birthday, we are all getting together and ..... singing karaeoke at the pump! :) ! :) I swear, the pump is my favorite bar in regina. and i've never sang kareoke... it'll be great. Anyone reading this blog is free to come. Give me a call, we'll work out times. We're going on saturday, the 2nd. I can't wait... :) It'll be great.


Andre said...

happy birthday dale !

however how do you spell brain damaged ? "pump"

so i dont think i'll be joining you there

sorry :(

Ryan said...

Ooh, 22. Man. GETTING OLD. I'd ask you to tell Methuseleh I say hi, but he's kinda dead.

Anonymous said...

dale i wanna go and do kareoke!!!!
xoxo kim