Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Reply to tag for ryan's meme: books

Books have always been a thing near and dear to my heart. I swear, there was a time where i would read pretty much any book you threw in my general direction. Now i have somewhat narrowed down my tastes.... but still love books. However, i am not a great buyer of books, i am more of a borrower. Borrow from library mostly, but also often borrowing off friends. For me, books are usually free. This is an essential part of the experience for me. I just don't buy books. Unless it's at a garage sale or something. Those are great. Mmmm.... 25 cent books.... Yay!

So. On to the meme.... (And by the way, for those of you who don't know, a meme is kind of like a survey type thing your friends send you that you write about on your blog. It's like a chain letter survey, but SO much better as it doesn't clutter up your inbox and they are much more interesting).

How many books do you own?

Well....that depends. Do you mean books for me or books in general? I have been collecting childrens' books over the years for my soon to be very own classroom library. I probably have around 50 by now. But i don't exactly sit around actually reading these lol. I am choosing to interpret the question as how many do i have that i actually read.

As i said earlier, i don't exactly buy books often. Especially not for myself. The ones i do have are either gifts or garage sale items. I just did a quick count, and the total comes to 8. I only own 8 books. Yay for libraries and generous friends! lol

What is the last book that you bought?

Well, looking at my collection, i realize that i only ever bought 4 books from a store. And it was a used bookstore lol. But still.... The last books i bought i bought at the same time, and it was about 10 years ago lol. I bought the four book series of The Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith.

If you mean what is the last book i borrowed, it was actually a cookbook, called Dip it! by Rick Rodgers. It is a cookbook filled only with dips. The jambalaya dip sounds interesting...

If you mean the last book i read ( i know it's different, but it's still intresting), i finished Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett about an hour ago.

What 5 books have most impacted your life?

Well.... That's a really hard question.

#1) Secret Vampire, by L. J. Smith. Hell.... any book by L. J. Smith. Secret Vampire was simply the first book i read. These are books written for pre-teen girls. I first was introduced to Smith's writing by my good friend Crystal, at around the age of 10. Afterwhich we both became completely obsessed. We had stacks upon stacks of inside jokes revolving around these characters. It was these books that first solidified my longtime friendship with Crystal. I don't care how old i become, they will always have a special place in my heart.

#2) I would say that the next series of books that most impacted my life was Chronicles of Narnia. I first read these books in around grade 5 i think. Over time, i probalby read these books over 10 times each. These are truely amazing books. It was these books that first turned me on to fantasy books. Before them i simply enjoyed reading. After them i became obsessed.

#3) The Dark Highlander, by Karen Monin. This books is a ...*get ready for it*..... Science Fiction Romance book! Karen Monin writes a series of books mostly about time traveling Highland warriors who have sex and seduce women alot. Some of the others are about the sexual fairies, berserkers and immortal highlanders. These books are my guilty pleasure. I absolutely adore them. I can't say they've exactly impacted my life, but they have introduced me to the fact that romance novels don't have to suck and be boring. I, who never buy books, would buy these books if i ever found them. Easier said than done...

Anyways.... I'm done writing here. I can't think of any other books. books don't impact my life, they're just there for enjoyment. I'll just say that each series counted for one and 2/3. lol. Oooo...watch those math skills go :).

Tag new people

So... who to tag? Fletcher, i choose you. Andre, you too. And Crystal (if you want, you can just do a really long comment in my blog crystal lol). If you feel like it, just leave a comment that you did it and answer the meme in your blog. This is totally no pressure. I am curious about what you'd choose, but if you don't want to, so be it. It isn't a big deal at all. Answer the questions in bold. Make new questions. Ignore questions. Whatever you want.

If anyone else wants to leave a comment as a meme too, feel free. I challenge you to do it....


Ryan said...

If you like Science Fiction Romance, I do not have enough good things to say about Kage Baker's In the Garden of Iden. Essentially, time travel and immortality both exist. You can't alter the flow of time, but you can go back and bring back treasures that would otherwise be lost. The main character's a botanist gathering flowers in the Spanish Inquisition, and she falls for a man out of time, and wackiness ensues. I can lend it to you if you'd like.

Dale said...

That would be excellent! Thank you so much ryan.

Oh yeah, and ray says he will burn you star wars if you burn him Sin City.

Anonymous said...

Here is my tag or meme or whatever it is.
How many books do I own? Roughly speaking, I'd say about 85. those are the ones I actually read and have not buried in my closet to be forgotten or given to my sister cause I grew out of them.
What was the last book I bought? The Dark Tower, book 7 in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Very good book that ended the series well. I think it'll make many people angry but I think it's good.
What 5 books influenced me most? Definitely anything by L.J.Smith, especially the Vampire Diaries books since those were the ones I started reading. Beyond that I don't know. I think this is a silly question so I will make up one of my own to answer.
What was the last book I read? The short story Debt of Bones by Terry Goodkind. A good story that prequels his Sword of Truth series. About one of my favourite characters Zedd.
And there Dale is your tag or meme or whatever.