Friday, June 03, 2005

New stuff!

As you can see from the pictures, i went out and bought a whole bunch of new stuff today :). I got a nice new red hat, a beautiful new flowing flowery dress, a new pair of glasses and a new pair of glasses with clip on sunglasses. Wow. It's an amazing thing.

I tried to get a new bathing suit too, but the one that i really liked didn't fit right and it was just about half an inch too small on the top :(. Why do they make it so hard to find a good bathing suit? I swear, it takes forever :p.

Wow. So now Ryan, Andre, myself, Dave all have blogs. This is good. Thank you to everyone who has so far commented on mine. Now come on you others....Dave i know you're reading this.... Fletcher? Laura? Michelle? Any family member beside Lisa??? Come on people. Even if you just say a one word 'hi'.

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Gr Inge said...

good looking Dame!!