Friday, March 31, 2006

Anchovies... not as bad as they are made out to be.... or are they :(

So, for my first time today, i tried.... ANCHOVIES. I found this recipe for anchovy sandwiches. It was part of the Soprano cookbook... and i was intrigued. I knew from tiny bites of fletcher's pizza once that they were extremely salty, but the fresh tomatoes and the melted mozza cheese combatted the saltyness nicely. Anchovies are simply too salty for pizza.... althlough it also has the tomatoes and the cheese... i don't know why. There was just something wrong about it. A sandwich, however, was fantastic. Yes.. I have decided i rather like anchovies, in the right situation.

Haha. Just thought you all should know. I'm doing my part to dispell the myth of gross anchovies, and the myth that anchovies belong on pizza haha.

Later addition: I take back everything i just said. Yes, the anchovies taste pretty good when you eat them but they make you feel nasty sick about an hour later. Ugh....

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Ryan said...

I have no opinions on anchovies one way or the other, but here's a link I saw and thought of you: