Monday, April 17, 2006

My CD Picture Layout

I got the link from andre's blog. I just got home from Calgary and i am relaxing on my computer... why not? Here is a bunch of pics of cd covers from cd's that i really truely enjoy. These are some of my absolute favorites. If you also own some of these cd's, speak up lol. I expect some... such as crystal owning great big sea, or fletcher owning michael buble, or andre owning U2, but if you think it might be a bit of a suprise speak up haha.

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Ryan said...

I have "Surfacing" and "Fumbling towards Ecstasy" by Sarah McLachlan.

Please don't judge me.

Andredabassman said...

im surprised to see Pink Floyd up there...

ALMOST cancelles out that michael buble crap

Dale said...

i grew up listening to pink floyd. my parents had some of their cd's.

Sarah McLaughlin is an awesome canadian singer. There is no shame in that :)