Tuesday, March 28, 2006


So, it looks like we are on a roll here commenting has increased :). Then again, it's not hard to increase from a run of 0's. haha. Still.... lets see if we can keep this up people. I don't care if you just type one single letter... just put something. Especially all of you who are reading this and not ever commenting. I've been talking to some people and i was like 'what? you read the blog? i had no idea'. There are some people that took the link from my msn name, not from me telling them. I am happy you are checking this out, it would just be nice to see who all is reading this. I am curious.

So, a friend of mine jessica is pregnant. She is engaged, and yes they wanted this kid. I don't think it was an accident. Congradulations to Jessica.

Speaking of babies, my aunt debby had a baby boy. His name is Trey. He looks sooo cute in pics i have been sent. It is now official, at easter time ray and i will go to Calgary. I will meet the baby trey, meet kim's german boyfriend Thomas, see kim again, see my aunt and uncle again and go to ikea... all good good things in my book. Maybe i should go order the new ikea catalogue? That would be nice to have. It will also be nice to spend easter with family.

Marie, we need to set up a time to meet up in swift current or whatever. When are you traveling again? e-mail me.

Well, i should get going. It's a beautiful day today. Spring is definately on it's way. High of plus 7 today :). What a wonderful thing. I can't wait for all this stupid snow to melt. I love snow... in december and january. By now, i am sick of all the dirty dirty snow. I long to see the green of plants, and to start up again at the greenhouse... where i got a raise :). I do every year, but it always seems like a nice suprise. I wonder if my new greenhouse wage will cary over to the florist shop? I doubt it, but i can dream haha.

Time for a walk.


Anonymous said...

Dale you spelled Congratulations wrong. haha how is that for a commetn.

Dale said...


i guess it's better than nothing