Friday, March 24, 2006

And now, for something completely different...

Anyone catch the monty python reference? lol

So, another day off today. Man, i could get used to this. Walking outside in the beautiful weather, PUMPKIN BREAD, sleeping in, PUMPKIN BREAD, relaxing, PUMPKIN BREAD, visiting with people, PUMPKIN BREAD and just a general feeling of calm. Wow.... can anyone guess what the highlight of my day is?

After months of having the can of pumpkin waiting for me, and talking about it, i finally made pumpkin bread today. I had a good looking recipe for a while, and have been thinking about doing it ever since. I made a glorious pumpkin bread today. It tastes fantastic. I LOVE this bread :).

Gtg... time for more bread.


Fletcher said...

And you saved none for me?
For Shame Ms. Dale, for shame!!!!

Ryan said...

Did I catch the reference? Ha! I've gone so far as to read Graham Chapman's autobiography that was actually written by someone else years after his death.

Mind you, no one seemed to catch mine from a few weeks back...well, Brett probably did. He's clever that way.

Dale said...

Fletcher i have an entire loaf and a half left. I'm not so much of a pig that i would eat 2 loaves of bread alone in a day hahahaha.

Call me and come over if any of you want some... dad that means you hahaha jj