Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sopranoes Cookbook!

Well... now they've thought of everything. Cookbook 'written' by characters in tv shows... that's awesome.

Actually, it's not that suprising that the sopranoes would release a cookbook. Not only one cookbook, but 2! I swear, that show makes me so hungry! There was one episode where Carmaella (the wife of the main character) gets angry and throws her beautiful beautiful casserole in the garbage.... my stomach almost cried! haha. I wonder if it is actual food that they use in the show? I wonder who gets to eat it after? lol

So, i've surfed the net and found tome pretty good looking recipes. My favorite one i found was on my favorite food blog, The Amateur Gourmet . In case that doesn't work, the link is I love his blog because it not only has good recipes, it reviews cool new york restaurants, has fantastic pics and best of all is absolutely HILARIOUS! i love this site, and read it near daily.

So, the recipe i liked best was a recipe for rigatoni and sausage. Check out his step by step recipe, with pictures and even video (and random hilarious remarks) on his blog. It is here...

Well, i got to go. Talk to you all later....

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