Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mmmmm... Michael Buble (with an accent on the e)

Stupid blogger can't make accents.

Man, i swear, i am having an exclusive love affair with Michael Buble's music. I admit, after the CONSTANT radio play of 'Home' on the radio, i was sick of the stupid song. It is is a well written song but so very overplayed. Such is the curse of radio. I groaned when fletcher would play the cd, because he just wanted to hear the song.

However, monday night fletcher and i decided to have a wine and cheese night (actually, it wasn't wine because we can't stand the stuff, but it was pink bubbly ginger ale instead and we did use fancy wine glasses haha). Earlier, i had found wensleydale cheese with cranberry that was usually around 10$ on sale for 2$ at the grocery store because it expired in a week. So, we had magazines, cheese and drinks.... and i had fletcher bring over michael buble because it fit the mood. It was so much fun. Fletcher afterwards preceded to forget all 4 of his cd's here.

Fletcher, i don't think you realize what a monster you have created.

It was late at night the next night, and i needed some good music. The cd's were just sitting there, so i checked it out.... wow. It is just so nice :). Low lighting...twinkly lights and my floor lamp (mom's lamp with my gorgeous burgundy new lampshade), my computer and a nice game of cards. How soothing is that?

I just love michael buble's music because it's different than the other music i listen to. I will warn you....DON'T JUDGE HIS MUSIC BY 'HOME'. The rest of his music is not like that. Most of his music are standards. Some are soft, slow and crooning (but better than Home) but some are rollicking with a rocking trumpet section (but saddly he has no trombones haha). I also love michael because he chooses excellent standards to sing. These are songs that are sweet and sentimental, and completely 100% innocent. This is the kind of music you can show your grandmother (and i personally think my grandma inge would like it). Lately, the only good love songs are that crappy boyband pop shit. Mass produced crapp, all sounding the same. This is a GOOD love song. They are so sweet. It sings about feelings and all that stuff that girls just love haha.

I have put Michael's 4 cd's on my computer, and just pushed randomn. Since tuesday, i have been listening to nothing but michael. Such is my exclusive musical affair with Michael lol.... I hope ray doesn't find out... jj :)

Trust me, if you are at all interested check out this guy's website.

Later addition: Michael's coolness has just increased further. He features a trombone solo, and a pretty good if short one, in his song 'Under My Skin'. Oh yeah! I love that. The only thing that would make him cooler is if he himself played it hahahaha. But then his coolness has gone down again, because he does not credit who did play the solo... that sucks. hmmm... bad form michael


Andredabassman said...

michael buble is a HOMOOOOOOOO

just had to put it out there :P

Fletcher said...

Dale i don't understand the rabid hat that you have for that song!!! lol

Dale said...

Michael Bouble is a total hottie who sings beautiful romantic songs. Most guys could stand to learn quite a bit from his songs. Totally not a homo lol.

Andredabssman said...

if by hottie you mean homo... then yes i will agree with you dale