Monday, January 09, 2006

Wow,. after all this time i'm back

Well.... where to start?

So much has been happening since i last posted! It's amazing how much your life can change in 6 months. I feel my life is extreemely different now than i was when i last posted. I've done so much!

I've moved so that i'm now living in the northwest of the city, not on campus. I have three randomn jobs (subbing, daycare and florist) instead of just one steady job at the garden center.

I went to Mexico and had a fabulous trip. I have pics, but i'm not sure it's a good idea to post them on my blog (since ANYONE could be reading this...) If you want pics send me an e-mail, or pop on over to my place and i'll give you a full slide show lol. There are some nice pics, especially my favorite one of kim and me together (my msn pic).

Yes, for all you who are constantly asking, i am getting lots of subbing. No i'm not working too much. Yes, I am getting enough work. Yes, my schedules for three jobs work nicely together. Now that we have those constant questions out of the way... I know you all ask because you care, but it seems that's all everyone ever asks me about. And no, i haven't subbed yet this hasn't even started yet! I've been keeping busy at the daycare.

So, Kim will be comming to live with me for 6 weeks. She is doing part of her co op here in the city. So, anyone that reads this and wants to see her, she'll be at my place. She comes down next weekend. It was a bit of a suprise to me, as i just found out about this 2 days ago. 'oh yeah, dale, your sister who you didn't expect to see again till next christmas will be comming to live with you, and she comes next weekend'. hahaha. It's crazy but cool. I'm really looking forward to it. I will have to get her a welcome present. Something nice but cheap.... i'll find something great i'm sure. Andre, if you're reading this, please tell brendan, vicki and any others you talk to that kim used to hang with that she will be in town. Good luck on your new co-op kim! Soon you'll be a full fledged CST.... you know what i mean kim haha

So, i've been saving up my money from working, and i finally just got the internet this week. I am really loving it. You never realize how much you really use something till it's gone. I can check my e-mail, check on my holds at the library, listen to online radio stations, read recipes, read e-newsletters, play backgammon....god, those are just my near daily activites. THen there's everything else i do If i'm not careful i may become an even huger nerd than ray lol. I'll have to be careful on that one hahah.

So, the Unique Christmas party was today. Yes....we have our christmas party in january. Things get so busy at the florist shop around christmas time that we don't have a party till after things calm donwn. It was nice. We met and reserved a room at the broken rack, and played pool. We drank, ate, the boss picked up the tab for was great! It really was nice to see everyone from the greenhouses in the summer. I saw some people i haven't seen since august. Actually....i haven't seen most of them since august. I really hope i'm back at the greenhouse again next summer. I really enjoy the people there. There is a couple...well....acutally just one....person i can't stand, but all the others are so wonderfull they really make up for it. I can't wait.

Well... i should get going. School starts tommorow and who knows if i'll be subbing? It's late. I'll try and update again soon. Maybe with more details about my christmas vacation in mexico?


Anonymous said...

yay i get a present!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dale, about time u got the intro net lol, awesome, and more to come luv ya!

Anonymous said...

Woo! Returnication! Huzzah'd!

This is especially cool as I do not talk to you as often as I should on account of hey, i'm in freakin' Korea!

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