Thursday, January 26, 2006


It's about time I wrote up an ACTUAL POST, not just posting a page. I've been keeping really busy. The weekends, espcially saturdays my 'day off' are especially busy. I've been running around doing a million things on my day off for the past 3 saturdays. I swear, my day off is more exhausting than days i work lol.

First off, i am trying this new step arobics class at the fieldhouse. If anyone is interested in comming, give me a call. I'd love to go together. Michelle is sick and such so i would love a partner. Only problem.... it's at 9:30 am. But it's cheap.. only 6$ per class. I can afford that :)

So, kim and i will soon have been living together for 2 weeks and.... we're still both alive!!! :) We actually aren't fighting anywhere near as often as i anticipated we would be. It's been pretty nice between us i'd say. I am impressed with the both of us. I will miss her when she goes to calgary. You know what that means...... ROAD TRIP!!!! I would like to meet this so called 'boyfriend' of kim's lol. Thomas, eh? Don't worry lisa, i'll give him the 3rd degree for both of us lol.

This weekend is shaping up fantastically. I still have some budget money left, and there are huge sales on at the Northgate Mall. 3 pairs of pants at bluenotes for 50$??? That's fantastic in my book. Bluenotes jeans are great, cuz when you're as short as me it's nice to find pants that you don't need to get hemmed lol. As well, my friend Marie is comming from Lethbridge, so that will be nice. I can't wait to see her. MARIE, IF YOU ARE READING THIS.... WE MISS YOU AND CAN:T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!! As well, there are bar plans for saturday night. Habano's anyone?

Weekend after will also be fantabulous. I will be meeting up in moose jaw on saturday with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins... sounds like lots of people are comming. I can't wait to lay around in the spa:).

and then.... the event we all have been waiting for...again........GREAT BIG SEA!!!!
I have tickets to the great big sea concert in saskatoon on sunday with fletcher, crystal and ted. I can't wait!!! They are my favorite band of all time :). It will be my sixth time seeing them live. Expect a full review monday :)

Well, time to run off to the library before being a nice sister and picking kim up from work. Later

So, if anyone wants to come to step arobics, habanoes or clothing shopping with kim michelle and me on saturday, give me a call... or im..... or email..... or comment.... or paper airplane..... haha. Just let me know lol.

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Anonymous said...

Consider this your flying silver bullet(camry) mail from I would love to go shopping, but im on a budget here peeps... so dont let me go crazy! Sat is pretty much my only free day with you guys so just make plans for me k? All's i ask is that I get to see everyone... supper night??????hmmm hmmm hmmm.... Cant wait to see ya'll... and dale, i have the worlds best slow cooker recipe book!