Monday, January 30, 2006

Party at Dale's House!

What's better than games night? Games night with drinking. What's better than games night with drinking? Games night with drinking... in your pyjamas :). Add in a healthy dose of marie being home for the weekend, butterscotch brownies, 2 DIGITAL CAMERAS :)(a source of much amusement), a huge comfy air mattress, a new Cosmo magazine, a variety of drink selection (both alcoholic and non) and awesome music, all happening in my basement on a saturday night... this is my idea of an AWESOME TIME :). Man, we had a great night :). Not only because of our unsuspected videos and pics, this will be a night i will remember for a while :).

What i am beginning to realize lately is just how much fun a digital camera can be. No conserving film, just pictures whenever you want, as often as you want, as many as you want. When your hardrive is as huge as mine and you don't download music or play big games, you can fit a hell of a lot of pictures :).

I was at work at the florist shop today, and i saw someone had a brochure/magazine for biking tours of europe. Man, that looked like so much fun! I looked through it briefly, and i was hooked. One day, sometime in my life... I want to go on a biking tour. I am not sure how much i really like biking at the moment, but i think that's because for years i've always had other people's bikes, meaning that they don't fit properly and the seats hurt me. However, the pictures looked so nice and i swear, it looked like lots of fun. You bike a short distance every day... and really get to experience the culture more than you would on a resort or something like that. I would do a hell of a lot to go on a biking tour of Florence, or Provence. It's more personal than i driving tour, you get to spend lots of time outside, it's good for you, you see lots and lots of different sights of the type i like best, they have excursions to see the important stuff, you get to stay a day in the big cities and the hotel is prebooked and included. How does this not sound awesome? There's even a van that follows along, and if you get gimped up or tired you can ride the van haha. I want to do this one day.

Well, time to go watch sopranoes. Bubye

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