Thursday, January 12, 2006

80 years old?

Wow. I was listening to internet radio, and they played a B. B. King song i'd never heard before. Having listened to a lot of bb king lately and craving more, i thought i'd go find and check out his homepage. Unfortunately i did not find more music to listen to, but i did find out an interesting fact.

Not that long ago, BB King released another album. He titled it '80'...... because he is 80 years old!! Wow. I knew he was older but i didn't realize that he was getting that far up there. That boggles my mind the way he still is on tour and even releasing new cd's at his age. Talk about really loving and being dedicated to what you do! Needless to say i am impressed. I love bb kings's music, and now i have a high amount of respect for him and his dedication to his music. I already put his new CD on hold at the library, even though they don't have a copy yet. I am the first on the hold list :)

I've listed his website along with the other musician websites along the links on the side of the page. Go check him out.... and while you're at it i highly recomend checking out Dave Gunning or Laurel. Both play their music on their sites, and it sounds great. I saw dave gunning with fletcher in moose jaw and laurel here at the Freehouse with marie and fletcher, and both did amazing jobs. It's always nice to check out little known, new music.

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