Friday, May 09, 2008

Inspirations aboud!

This is my third post of three today. So much to say... easier to digest for myself, and you guys too, in smaller chunks.

I have had no lack of inspiration lately. I find that i am being challenged and pulled in so many directions. I love all the challenges and projects i am finding!

One highly inspiring thing is the release of this bi-monthly period of Cloth Paper Scissors and Somerset Studios. I haven't had a chance to actually look through either yet propperly, but from a quick flip through i saw awesome articles, from projects with alcohol ink painted vintage spoons to advice about keeping an interesting blog (which i obviously have not read yet... jj). I can't wait to really get into them. While at chapters picking them up, i also came across this fabulous new beading book in their craft/art section. They made such fabulous jewelry pieces, mostly necklaces, like fiber wrapped wood beads, fabric wrapped beads, ribbon and linen based necklaces... they had so much! I was fascinated. If only i could remember it's title or author for you. Oh well. I will eventually buy it, it is inevitable. I'll post it when i buy it, so you can see it's awesomeness for yourself lol.

I am also loving the challenges i am seeing on blogs. I was a regular viewer, and occasional participant, of the weekly challenges on Jen Worden's blog. She has now changed it to a monthly challenge, but has made it geared to somewhat more intricate, thought out, larger projects. I love the first monthly challenge she has created, which is to create a triptych using found text, a type of tape and a found object... how great! I am definitely interested in trying out such a fun, cool project! It is totally worth checking it out on her blog here.

I also just recently found another blog that had a weekly 'creativity challenge'. While the main focus seems to be to writing and literary arts, she seems supportive of visual artists popping in as well. She has a weekly challenge where she gives a prompt and the winner judged from this prompt recieves a 10$ gift certificate! I am not sure how much chance visual artists are given for winning there, as it seems pretty heavily literary there, but it is worth a try and is fun. Worst case scenario, i have a new piece of art created! (or... worse case scenario i don't participate at all..). The prompt for this week is something about a 'cup of coffee'. I may try this one... we'll see. Maybe i'll wait till next week. I'm not really feeling this one, being a non-coffee drinker.

So, i am pleased with the challenges abound. I find them so inspiring. No lack of ideas now. Just choosing which to try. Do i want to try making fabric covered beads? Or maybe a ribbon based necklace? Or try another felted piece, maybe a fabulous wrist piece type of thing like Gillian has been creating in her etsy shop... or something new from the magazines just picked up! I love this...

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