Friday, May 16, 2008


Hey out there :)

I came here to put in a quick post, and i saw that my visitor numbers have already reached 997 when i did this! How awesome :). I wonder who will be my 1000th viewer? I am thinking that i should commemorate this moment somehow. A small give-away maybe? With my visitor counter, i can see the location city of my viewers. So, if you are the 1000th viewer, (look at the counter along the top of the website) please leave a short comment.

I have been working, creating collage houses. I am thinking that i will give one of the collage houses to the 1000th viewer. If they don't notice, or happen to be a bot or something like that, i will just give it to the first person that comments. That will be my backup :).

Here's a quick peek at how the 'houses' are coming along so far.


iHanna said...

Came her from Leah's site Dale, I think I'm the 1000!? Maybe? Hopefully!

Dale said...

Yes Hanna, you are the 1000th! Congrats :)

Judy said...

Hey Dale, congrats on 1000.
Answer - New York
Shop - metaliferous.