Friday, May 09, 2008

Collage Houses

This is my second post of three, all from the same day. I figured i'd separate them by topic instead of having one long, overwhelming post for my readers haha.

I decided it may be fun to open a cloth paper scissors magazine to a random page and see what it turns up. Well, i was in luck and my random magazine opening fell upon Sue Pelletier's fabulous collage houses project (in the jan/feb 2008 magazine). I really loved the houses that she created. I was facinated by the odd pieces that she used, such as rusty metal door pieces, odd nuts and bolts, vintage game pieces and much more. I would highly recommend checking out Sue Pelletier's collage houses if you have this year's jan/feb issue of cloth paper scissors. It is worth another look!

So, i started by finding some thick cardboard. Cut it into rectangles and triangles, and then gessoed them on one side. (Is gessoed even a word? My spell check tells me no... i guess it is for now hahaha.) I then painted one a patchy variety of greens, and the other with red-brown-coppers. I love monochromatic pieces. I'm not sure what colour i would call the theme for the second one... brown probably. However, it is loosely monocromatic for the second one. I gel mediumed them together, and the pic features where they are at for the moment.

I still need to add a coloured glaze over each piece to unify the colours, and then scrape, scratch and sand up the surface. After that i will solidify their bond and decorate them with small rusty nails and who knows where it will go from there? Bring on the odd pieces! I just picked up a bunch of stuff from a garage sale today (see prev. post) but i think they're all too big.

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Hanna said...

I say gessoing and gessoed all the time! :-)