Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Post number three

This is the third (or first, from your perspective on the blog order) post for today, since i had a huge amount of things to talk about and just decided it would be better to split it up into three posts of focused topics. I finally have time to get caught up here on my blog, since i had the afternoon off work today (no subbing needed this afternoon :) ). Relaxing, blogging and art fun for me this afternoon instead of work!!

A couple posts ago i promised to post pics of the journal i finished off for a Swapbot swap. This journal is the pictures you see along side this post. I was to alter a journal, adding a cover and a number of inside pages but leaving most of it blank for the recipient to use as they deem fit. After a number of failed attempts at other ideas, i decided to have a collage type, Roy Lichtenstein themed journal for them. For the front and back cover, i first collaged strips of newspaper. I then used a water slide transfer of squares of Lichtenstein's art. The back cover, i added a wash of gold ink under the transfer.

On the inside, i collaged strips of ripped velum onto cardstock. I then pasted a print of a Lichtenstein piece on each cardstock piece.

I really hope that the recipient enjoys my journal i made then :). I can't wait to recieve mine from the swap.

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franswazz said...

Dale, I like this journal! Love the newsprint background. The picture really stands out.