Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another ATC finished

So, a quick break from soldering... back to photo editing. In return for a totally gorgeous ATC of hers, a fellow atc'er asked me to make her an atc using photo manipulation, similar to my 'scratched door' atc i'd made previously.

So i went for a walk, taking some pics. My favorite ones were of the trees, stark and bare from the winter, reaching towards the sky. I took a bunch of pics of this, and choose my favorite.

I used photoshop to brighten the colours, edit out the other tree's branches that invaded the shot, and then played with the filters. The ending result was a very stark tree, against a blue white background with black ground. I loved it :)

After printing it off (assuring the print shop that no, they didn't mess up the colours and yes, i only wanted it to fill 2.5 by 3.5 of the photo and leave the rest blank) I played with bleach. Bleach does really neat things with photos. All the red and yellow ground here, and the red and yellow on the tree, were done with bleach. After bleaching, i sanded the sky, painted it fiery colours and sanded again. Voila! My ATC is done :). I wonder which of these three she will choose, and like best? One of them will be going to a good home with her, one of them i am keeping and the third is going to the Mackenzie Art Gallery for my submission of 6 ATC's for ATC day next month :) How exciting!

One committed swap down... only two more to go! Just got to (finally) finish off the altered domino. Waiting on the print shop on that one :) I'll show pics of it when i am finished. Also just signed up for an altered matchbox swap using swapbot. Need to make a spring themed matchbox.... How fun :) Now i just got to somehow find a 32 count matchbox. Ray said he'd pick me one up today.

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