Saturday, March 01, 2008

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"This is my post on a broken keyboard. Sigh. A sad accident between a keyboard and a glass of milk."

As you can see from the legibility of this post, i went out and bought myself a new keyboard. But every cloud is not without it's silver lining: I scavenged the pieces of my old keyboard. Check out my 'haul' hahah.

I am totally psyched to start using some of these pieces! There are letter tiles, worded tiles (things like 'shift' and 'home'. As well, there are cool patterned plastic translucent sheets, the chip thingy, mini green light bulbs, cool wires... so much there! Now what to do with it all.... :) I just got this book from the library "Altered Curiosities" by Jane Ann Wynn. Hopefully i find some great ideas in here. I might use the M for the Marilyn Monroe domino i am making for a trade. We'll see :)

I tried an idea for the journal i was working on, and it went absolutely terrible :(. How discouraging. I tried collaging newspaper strips to journal pages, but it just turned into a gummy, gluey, torn mess. Gah! I have since gone a new direction, using wide strips of tissue paper and a gluestick. This is going much better. I forgot to take pics. I'll show you how it is going as soon as i get the pics.

I do have other pics for you. I have finished off 2 ATCs. These were inspired byLinda McCanaughy's tripych as shown in the nov/dec issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I really like the way she did the colour theme and the niche within lined with newspaper. I took the two ideas and used them in my own way. One was made for a 'surprise' trade, the three barred one i am keeping and using on monday for my piece of art that the artist guild i am part of will critique. Hopefully, they'll have some awesome suggestions and such :) Wish me luck.

Well, my stomach calls me to go eat supper finally. More to come about journal later.

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art spirit said...

Love these! Very cool!