Sunday, March 02, 2008


Haul is what my boyfriend calls it when he find a really good action figure thingy (he is a collector). Well, today i had my own haul. I went shopping today! (pic from I have really been enjoying the book "Altered Curiousities" that i briefly mentioned in the last post. May of the things are relating to making shrines and jewlery there, and almost all of them involve soldering. It just seemed like too much fun.... how could i continue to miss out on all this?? :) I went out and checkout her blog. It's facinating... a tattoo gun as art suplies. How awesome is that??? Check it out here.

I went through the book and made a wish list of things i wanted from there. Here was my list after i was done:

copper pipes and pipe cutter
soldering set - screen, stand, torch, solder and flux
resin - Envirotex lite
patina solution
thin pieces of metal, easily cut with scissors? (if such things exist)

So, i was talking with a friend of mine Colin about this last night. I was bemoaning the fact that i was without soldering equipment and didn't even know where to start about getting it. Being a heavy duty mechanic training to be a technician, Colin is fairly familiar with tools. True that he usually works with car tools, but he definitely knows his way around a hardware store, unlike me. So off we go to Princess Auto. We there bought a blow torch and mini pipe cutters. Then off to Rona, where we bought solder, flux and copper pipe. All together, things came to about 40$ for everything. Am a little short on money lately, but luckily i still have 'birthday' money left. Happy birthday to me. My grandmother may have a heart attack when she discovers i used my birthday money to buy a blowtorch. Oh well. AT least i didn't use it for a tattoo like my sister did hahaha.

So i can't wait to go try this stuff out. However, i need to somehow jimmy together some kind of a stand for this (so the item i am soldering isn't just sitting out on the snow). I could use the flexible copper pipe for legs, but what could i use for the base? In the book they used wire screening, but i didn't find any that wasn't 24 feet long ( i need more like 24 centimenters hahaha).

I will post pics of how this is going as soon as i get a chance to try out my new 'toys' :). I'll be sure to take manly pictures of me in safety goggles and a blowtorch. hahaha

And yes Ray, any family that are reading this, or overly anxious friends... i will be careful :).


Anonymous said...

alright dale ... here is the challenge for you...

i'll do a big ATC swap for you.

I want you to make me something for my wall in my apartment.

any medium and material you choose.

minimum size 8x12 preferably bigger

maybe 12x15...

and i will do the same for you. (since i am painting again).

do you accept?

reply to my email since checking your non livejournal blog is a chore :P

Dale said...

it's on andre... this will finally force me to work a little bit bigger. I'm excited to see how they turn out!!!

other readers, i will update you with developments :)

Anonymous said...

Dale thank you so much for passing by at my blog and commenting!

I cannot wait to see what you do with all these wonderful goodies. I have to confess that I bought a soldering iron a while ago but have not yet got all the other bits for it so have not made use of it yet. I am looking forward to being inspired by what you do!