Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Teaching Job :)

It is all comming together nicely.... I have a teaching job for next year!

I have been hired to do a .7 (so, not full time but close) time itinerant (the teachers who don't have their own class) teaching position at Elsie Mironuck. What a suprise that was... Elsie Mironuck!!! My own old elementary school. This is great! I may have hated the place as a student, but I have subbed there many times and always found the children excellently behaved, the staff friendly and the school well run and organized. I can't wait to start. It is a temporary teaching contract as a result of a maternity leave, but that's a great start for me!

It is true that it doesn't only matter what you know, but also who you know. I got the interview when i impressed a different principal at another school. He recomended me to another principal (of Elsie Mironuck) and i got the interview on the first principal's recomendation. I then flew through the interview with somewhat flying colours, and i now have a fat package of mail in my hand from the school board, offereing me a contract!

I stopped by the school today to check in with the principal, to get to know my schedule and maybe meet with the current teacher. I met a couple of the teachers on staff, and have plans to finalize all official plans on thursday afternoon. I was then invited to a bbq on the friday.

I swear, it is at times like this that it seems like it really is a small world, and that everything is connected. Get these connections...

1. The current principal is the principal that interviewed me last year, for the subbing position.

2. I went to high school with the other girl who is being hired as a full time teacher. I was all the same french immersion classes as her for 4 years.

3. One of my high school teachers is the grade 8 teachers, Mr. Leveque.

4. The custodian is the same custodian as Douglas Park durring my internship.

5. One of the 'moniteur' (sort of like itenerants who play french games with immersion students, but don't have full teaching degrees) was my roomate in high school.

6. This was my own elementary school.

7. One of the teachers is the older sister of a girl I went to high school with. The younger sister is the girl who is also being hired.

8. I will be teaching the daughter of someone i went through all elementary school and high school with me.

9. The teacher i am replacing was the prof that taught choir to me for 2 semsters in university.


My god.... it really is a small world! Hahaha. Then again, it is the world of french immersion. French immersion is truely a small world, especially in the non-french province of Saskatchewan. It is so crazy...

Well... i'm off to work. I still am working out what i'll be doing next semester for work. I don't understand the pay sheet things i got, so i will be taking them to my old co-op Bev to have her hopefully explain them to me. I hope she can help haha. If it is enough money, i will quit the florist shop and the daycare for sure. If it is not quite enough money i will keep one of the two jobs, on a VERY part time basis. After all, this is only for one year. Who knows what will happen after that? As well, this is only a .7 job, not full time.

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Ryan said...


Woo! Kick ass and take names!

Not literally, of course. Well. You SHOULD take names. Attendance, and all that.

You get what I'm aiming at here.

Go DaleMeister!