Thursday, June 01, 2006

yay for moms

So, ignore the previous post... or at least the second half of it. Ignore my desperate plea for help.

I was working away at photoshop to make a scaled pic of my room and all the furniture in it, when my mom called. She not only was able to tell me how to price things for the garage sale (big things like the rottertiller, the 2 lawn mowers, the air compressor and the microwave) but she also was able to tell me about how to rearange my living room to fit everything. It takes a rare kind of person to re-arange a room first by phone, and then by webcam. Especially with a directionally challenged person such as myself, with a poor quality webcam haha.

Still my mom was able to help me out with the entire room. Just because mom's can be far away, doesn't mean that they can't be one of the biggest helps ever. I couldn't have done it without you mom. Thank you.

I have come to realize that moms are often very much underapreciated by their kids, untill their kids get older. Once the kids get older and move out, they often realize how awesome their moms really are. I am hereby making this post a woo! post for mothers. I challenge each of you readers to say something awesome about your mom. I know it wasn't exactly easy for my mom with me as i was growing up, and i am sure that it is the same with many of you.

All together now..... I LOVE YOU MOM!

Lets see some awesome mom comments.


Anonymous said...

Its a really awesome rearrangement!!!!!! I like the extra couch!!!!

Ryan said...


Dale said...

ok. ray doesn't seem to quite get it... comment on moms, not comment on the awesomeness of my couch (even though my new loveseat is quite awesome) haha.