Saturday, July 01, 2006


Isn't it strange the way things work out? All my life, since i was, like, 7 years old, my two main skills have been music and french. However, as i progressed down the road of life, i thought i'd left those two things behind. When I went from high school to university, i chose to take education in english, not french. I thought that was the end of my french immersion days, and i chose to leave it behind in order to be an english classroom teacher.

As i progressed through university, i was involved in music. Quite involved... one semester i was in 5 seperate music type groups. I know some music majors who are involved in less than that! I hit crisis point where i was letting my education classes fall behind because i was involved in too much music (and other issues too, but that was a major one). I made a decision to drop all but one music activity every semester, and focus on my education classes. After that point, i gave all the time i'd given to music to my university classes, and thusly appeased the faculty of education.

Sop, here i was, thinking i'd given up being hardcore about french or music.... think again! hahaha

I have now been hired as a teacher, to teach arts ed in french to french immersion students. So... french again! Music again! Who'd have thought? I feel like about 3 quarters of my university training is wasted. I really did take the wrong degree. I'd have been better off with a French immersion degree in music... then i'd maybe feel like i was more ready for this. I feel like only 2 of my classes are of any use to me... my arts ed class and my Orff training. Orff is a music teaching method gaining popularity in saskatchewan. I got my level one certification as a summer class.

So... most of my classes i took seem like they are useless to me. How to teach math/science/social studies/etc... no good to me now. All those classes about teaching students to read... no good right now. All those stupid stupid edpsych classes were geared towards creating your own classroom, not towards being an itinerant. The only useful things i did were those two classes and my internship.

However, who knows when that will change? it is true that i am doing music in french now, but who knows what is comming? This job is only for one year. Maybe next year i'll be a grade 2 teacher? or a core french teacher? or even a greade 8 teacher (unlikely haha)? I guess you never know what's comming, and it's best to be prepared. I just wish i'd listened a little more to what i wanted in university and not so much to waht they told me to want... and taken more music ed classes. The proffs all totally pooped on all music things i did, and told me to forget them all. Thank god i didn't drop all music things entirely... but i do wish i had stayed in more music things, especially the university choir.

Well, the point of my long ramble thingy here is that it's strange how things you thought you were done with pop up again in your life. Crazy, eh?


Ryan said...

Congratulizabeth and Happy Freakin' Birthday!

Dale said...

thank you ryan

i swear, i'm going to change your name to 'the lone commenter"....