Friday, June 02, 2006

Mexico scrapbooking

latest scrapbooking Posted by Picasa

So, here is the latest scrapbooking project i have done :). I admit, i totally used someone elses idea for this page. I was looking through the gallery of one of the scrapbooking newsletters i saw, and i totally LOVED this one layout. It is so simple, yet effective. Mine is different, as i added colour to the black and white (they left theirs alone), changed the flower they had at the top to the drink, changed the paper in the bottomn bar and added the message at the bottomn.

The message at the bottomn is a line from George Straights newest song "Seashore of old mexico". I have been obsessed with that song since i first heard it :). I love that song.

So, yes... now comes the call for comments again haha.

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