Friday, July 21, 2006

Digital Camera

So, i have splurged and bought myself a present. I bought myself a Cannon PowerShot SD450 digital camera. I am so loving this camera. I had fun taking pics at cypress hills camping with lisa, my tropical bbq party, brewsters and other randomn pics. If you want other pics taht you know i have, e-mail or msn me. The following are some choice pics for everyone:).

lisa cutting wood Posted by Picasa

me in oversized chair Posted by Picasa

lisa and i in front of flowers Posted by Picasa

geese on cypress hill's lake Posted by Picasa

fletcher and his bubbles Posted by Picasa

ray holding lisa upside down haha Posted by Picasa

one half of the table at brewsters Posted by Picasa

other half of table at brewsters Posted by Picasa

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